Pandemic Positivity: DIY Crafts to indulge in some positivity in these trying times

Check out these fun and exciting DIY crafts that you can indulge in to bring some joy to your life and relive your childhood.
DIY crafts Pandemic Positivity: DIY Crafts to indulge in some positivity in these trying times
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Craft is not necessarily for children. It is something that brings joy to everybody and we sure need joy now more than ever! Indulging in crafts every once in a while is a great thing to do and is a good way to spend your spare time. It is fun, rewarding, enjoyable, relaxing and creative. 

In these trying times wherein we are surrounded by nothing but gloominess, indulge in some crafts to be a child again and to bring some positivity amidst the gloominess! So check out some cool DIY craft ideas below to relive your childhood and engage in something fun and interesting!

Newspaper Pots

Make newspaper pots by recycling your old newspapers that are lying in a corner and gathering dust! Simply fold the newspaper strips around the exterior of a small glass to make a pot. Remove the glass and then add soil and seeds. 

Paper Dahlias

Take around 6-7 pieces of colourful scrapbook paper and cut it into small squares. Put a strip of double-sided tape on top of the squares and bring the opposite corner about halfway across the square and secure the taped side on the top of the opposite corner to make cones. To assemble the flowers, flatten the bottom of the cones and add a layer of double-sided tape to the outside of a cardboard circle. Place the cones on the tape about a finger-width apart and add more tape on the inside of the first ring of the cones to secure the second layer between the first one. Do this till you reach the middle of the cardboard circle.

Marbled Votives

Take glass votive cups and fill them with half-full water. Take a few drops of nail paint and let it fall onto the water. Take a toothpick and drag it on the surface of the container. Hold it sideways, and dip and roll the surface of it across the nail paint on the water. Do this on all sides of the container. Let it dry. Your colourful votives are ready!

Butterfly Frames

Take a bunch of artificial flowers and cut their stems. Take an old and discarded photo frame and paint it in a bright colour. Glue the flowers to the frame. You can also paint the flowers in the colours of your choice before sticking them. Take a bunch of faux paper butterflies and stick them to the corners of the frame and next to the flowers. Your picture-perfect frame is now ready!


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