Pandemic Productivity: 4 Fun activities to try when you are stuck indoors

The second wave of the pandemic has us all locked indoors for the second time! So make the most of the free time at hand and indulge in these fun and engaging activities to keep yourself busy.
Pandemic Productivity: 4 Fun activities to try when you are stuck indoors Pandemic Productivity: 4 Fun activities to try when you are stuck indoors
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So we all were mentally prepared for the lockdown last year as it had a certain novelty to it. We liked the little quirks that it brought with it, from washing the vegetables in huge tubs to seeing the streets empty for the first time, it was all new for us. But now, with the second wave of the pandemic, the restrictions and the lockdown seem pretty monotonous. 

It’s like we’ve all been through it and don’t have the energy to go through it all again! But in order to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the virus, staying locked indoors is the wisest thing to do right now. So we have for you, some interesting activities that you can try at home to productively occupy yourselves.

Start a kitchen garden

There is nothing more soothing and relaxing than gardening on a lazy afternoon in your backyard or balcony. Take advantage of the warm summer months and try your hand at some herb gardening to experience the sheer joy of plucking ingredients from your kitchen garden!

Learn a new language

With all the free time in your hands, you can now finally learn a new language! It will be a great addition to your resume and will also be an exciting and engaging way to pass your time. There are tons of online courses for foreign languages that you can take to enhance your skills and learn something new.

Listen to a podcast

Remember how you’ve always wanted to listen to that one particular podcast but never had the time to do it? Seize the moment and listen to some motivational podcasts to get you going and to get yourself all charged up!

Experiment in the kitchen

Cooking is something that everyone in order to be self-sufficient and independent. It is a basic life skill. So search for some delicious recipes and try your hand in the kitchen to whip something up and to learn the art of preparing something delectable.

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