Paper Bag Day 2021: 4 Important reasons of using paper bags to save our environment

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Importance of using Paper Bags

Paper Bag Day 2021 is celebrated annually on July 12 to raise awareness against people about the pollution caused by the use plastic carry bag. And this day also encourages us to use only paper bag as it’s highly environment friendly. Paper bags are made out of renewable materials and these are biodegradable and recyclable. So, we should always use paper bags and stop encouraging the use of plastic carry bags. So, here is how paper bags can save the environment.

Paper bags don’t promote deforestation

Earlier, paper is made of deforestation, but today, paper bags are made of eco-friendly sources like sugarcane waste, straw, jute twine, coconut husks, elephant excreta etc. which are absolutely recyclable and biodegradable and don’t promote deforestation. So, it’s completely safe for our environment.

Paper bags are biodegradable

Paper bags don’t take 1000 years to degrade like plastic bags rather it takes less than 6 years and most of the time they become fertile waste for vegetation.

Paper bags are recyclable

Paper bags are 100 percent recyclable and the recycling process doesn’t cause any pollution at all. Whereas, plastic bags cannot be recycled as the process emits toxic and poisonous gas in the environment. So, it’s the most important reason of using paper bags to save our earth.

Paper bags save energy

Paper bags save a lot of energy in the formation process and as it’s made out of locally available materials, so, it saves a lot of transportation cost which all are in turn save energy.

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