Parenting Tips: 7 Ways to Improve your child’s reading fluency

Read on to know how you can improve your child’s reading fluency.
Parenting Tips: 7 Ways to Improve your child’s reading fluency
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Reading fluency is the ability to read out loud clearly. Although kids start reading fluently when they enter school, it doesn’t mean that you can’t help your kid get fluent in reading at home. Reading is one of the most important skills for a child to master at an early age. As they get older, this will help them in their studies and make them understand things better. 

Parents have a huge impact on how quickly their child learns to do something new. The environment you create at home highly influences your child and his personality, especially by the way you interact with them. As the child grows, whatever you teach your kid can prepare him or her for his life as an adult. Therefore, parents are the best teachers. They will not be able to learn or speak without the loving care of their parents. 

Keeping that in mind, here are some tips to improve your child’s reading fluency. 

Read aloud to your kid 

For your kid to read fluently, she must hear and understand the words clearly. If your child will hear you say the words fluently then they might try to imitate the same and apply the same fluency in their own reading. 

Teach them to track the words 

Learning anything new takes time, especially if it’s a language. Your little learner might find it difficult to decipher different words. So run your fingers under words when you read to them. This way she will be able to track the words you’re saying. 

Repeat the readings

Choose a short book to start with. Have your child read it and if they can’t, help them by saying those words aloud. Let her continue reading it. Have her read the same reading thrice or more to master that one passage. 

Create a word vocabulary 

Pick 10-20 words you think your child should be familiar with at her age. A set of common words you think they should be able to read and spell. If she doesn’t recognise simple words, she will stumble even more while reading. 

Read together 

Practice alternate reading or reading aloud together. Choose one according to what your child seems to have fun with. Remember it can’t be monotonous practice. 

Make it fun 

Reading doesn’t have to be boring. Try to perform some of the readings to help them understand the words. 

Praise them 

Self-awareness is very important for kids. Praising them meaningfully can boost their confidence and encourage them to do better. 

If your child gets stuck at some words, don’t get angry – they’re kids. It takes time for them to learn new things. And your child might take longer to learn than some other kids which is totally normal. 

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