Parenting Tips: 8 ways to discipline your kid without saying ‘No’

Parenting Tips: Do you always say “no” to your kid? Here’s how you can inculcate good values in them without saying no.
Parenting Tips: 8 ways to discipline your kid without saying ‘No’Parenting Tips: 8 ways to discipline your kid without saying ‘No’
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Parenting is a tough job and we can all agree that toddlers can be a bit too much to handle sometimes. No judgement! And sometimes they do things that either anger you or make you scratch the back of your head. As a parent, you must have tried everything that you can to settle your always-on-the-roll kid. But after continuous efforts to stop your child calmly, you can’t help but yell at your kid with a blunt “NO”. But does it work? Does your child stop the moment she hears you yell the word at her? No, right? 

Telling your kid to stop doing things over and over might make them more rebellious, which can be more hectic for you. Instead, choose your words carefully to inculcate some values in your kid. After all, their foundation starts from you and you have the most influence on them than any other person or thing around. Don’t worry, there are certain ways you can discipline your child without having to say “no” every time. 

Parenting Tips: Here are 8 ways to tell your kids no without saying the word. 

1) “No, don’t hit your brother!” – Instead, explain to them that you know why they are upset but hitting someone might hurt them and make them sad. Letting them know you understand how they feel will help you connect with your kid. It will also help them to make better choices. 

2) “No, don’t do that.” – Instead, use words that will help your child become more productive in a way that they start making better choices. For instance, you can try to say, “Let’s put your toys back before we sit for dinner and mom will keep her phone aside.” 

3) A simple “no” won’t help your kid understand why they should do what you told them to. Giving them some reasoning can help them make better choices. 

4) Instead of shouting at them for turning their meal into a toy, tell them that food is for eating and not flinging. It can be difficult but it isn’t impossible. 

5) Instead of using a negative way to tell your child what they shouldn’t do, use positive affirmations. For example, use “Please play inside,” instead of “No, don’t run!” Rephrasing your words in a positive way will not only make it easier for you, but it will also teach your kid to convey the message gently. 

6) Instead of telling them, “No, don’t take off your shoes”, try telling them that you guys are going out and ask for them to help to find your shoes. Asking your child for help will distract them and they will soon join the pursuit. Don’t forget to compliment them after they’re done. 

7) One of the most important things to keep in mind when handling a child is to keep your tone in check. Being too harsh on the kids can make them feel that they are bad kids. Instead, make them believe that you know their intentions are not wrong but this is not the way they should be doing things. 

8) Set some rules for your kids and if they breaks any of them, don’t yell. Instead, give them a chance to correct themselves and do it the right way. This will help them learn from their mistakes. 

Keep in mind that just like adults, kids also like it when others talk to them respectfully. They might not understand the feeling completely, but they can differentiate between a request and a harsh order. Offering them choices and giving them reasons will help inculcate values in them that you always wanted. The main goal should not be telling them what not to do but teaching them how to be disciplined and make good choices. As parents you should not get wrapped up in just raising your kid, you should focus on raising them right.

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