Parenting Tips: 9 ways to limit your child’s screen time

Is your kid glued to the screen all the time? Read on to know 9 easy ways you can limit their screen time.
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In the digital age, controlling your child’s screen time can be a bit of a challenge. To complicate matters, screens are everywhere you look. Yes, giving them screen time might keep your children quiet but it can be extremely harmful to them. But is fighting with your child over screen time worth it? The answer is “yes”. It is important to limit your kids’ screen time to let them realize that there is a world outside the screen they keep looking at. 

Reducing time with the screen not only lets you and your children spend time together, but it also improves their physical, mental, social and behavioural well-being. Studies have shown that kids who spend more time on an electronic device get poor grades, not enough sleep, violence, loss of social skills and a higher risk of obesity. It is harmful to kids under the age of 2. But the usage can be stopped or at least cut down if parents lay some ground rules for kids to follow. Setting limits on how much TV your child watches isn’t easy but it’s necessary. 

Here are 9 easy tips for parents to limit their child’s screen time. 

1) Role model the behaviour you want to see in your kid. If you don’t want your child to binge-watch TV, then you should do the same and avoid watching your favourite Netflix show in front of your kid. 

2) Stay updated on technology. Kids today know more about electronics than adults do, which is why parents need to be a little tech-savvy themselves. 

3) Encourage your child to become involved in activities other than technology. Kids can easily be distracted if they do something else interesting. 

4) Establish a technology-free zone in your house. Create a fun atmosphere and treat it like a game, but not. For example, they are not allowed to use the phone in the dining area and if they do they get punished. 

5) Set a time when no one indulges in any of the technological devices at homes. Ask all the family members to unplug themselves from the digital world and spend time together. 

6) TV and the internet are loaded with explicit content your kid shouldn’t be watching. Use parental controls that allow you to monitor what your children are watching. 

7) In a calm and age-appropriate manner, make your child understand the harmful effect of too much screen time and the risks of social media. 

8) Only give them screen time as a reward or a privilege. But don’t set the bar too high or give them an opportunity to earn extra time. Be smart about how you assign the time according to what suits you. 

9) Remind yourself that you have to be strict when it comes to limiting their screen time. Your child might get unhappy, but it will be beneficial for them in the long run. 

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