Parenting Tips: Cleanliness lessons every parent should teach their kid

Cleanliness is of utmost importance, and kids often fail to understand that. Hence, read below to find out some cleanliness tips that parents should teach their kids right at an early age.
Parenting Tips: Cleanliness lessons every parent should teach their kidParenting Tips: Cleanliness lessons every parent should teach their kid
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Parenting is a tough job; it's a job that never ends. Parents are never on leave, they always have to teach something or other to their children. When the child is born, parents teach them how to talk, how to walk and how to become strong. When kids grow up a bit, parents teach them how to read and write. Similarly, when they finally start understanding things and people around them, a parent makes sure that the child is neat and values cleanliness. Teenage is the time of raging hormones and extra energy. Sometimes, the urge to discover themselves and the world around them makes kids careless about cleanliness.


Cleanliness takes a back seat, and they suddenly have messy rooms, messy wardrobe and whatnot. They have so much going on that cleaning the room is never on top of the list. However, as parents, you need to make sure they do not form a habit to remain untidy and unhygienic. Here is a list of five cleanliness lessons that all parents should teach their kids at a very early age.


These are the cleanliness lessons every parent should teach their child.


Oral hygiene:



Brushing the teeth is not only important for oral hygiene, but it's also important for overall health. It curbs bad breath and also keeps cavities and toothaches at bay. From a very young age, kids run away from brushing their teeth every morning. Hence, to make them realise the importance of brushing their teeth, explain to them why it is important and also stress the importance of oral hygiene. Make sure that they brush their teeth twice a day and the best way to do so is to make sure you do it with them.


Washing hands:



Kids love to play, and there's nothing that can stop them from playing. Playing in the ground and park for endless hours is something that they enjoy thoroughly. And while doing this, they forget to wash their hands. Help them form a habit of washing their hands the moment they enter the house after their evening playtime. Make sure they do, even if it means scolding them every time. Make them understand the importance of clean hands and how it's vital for the body. Force them to do it in the beginning, and with time, they would begin doing so as a habit rather than a task.


Dealing with body odour:



With puberty, your child's body is also subjected to many hormonal changes. During this time, they have to tackle their body odour. The best thing to do is to make a rule of bathing every day, especially if your child skips taking a bath often. Make sure that they take a bath before leaving for school, and also after playing. Body odour can also get embarrassing at times, make sure to spend some time with your child and help them find a good deodorizer that they like.





Asking a child to keep the room clean is a task, and every parent finds it difficult to convince their child to clean the room. Though it may seem age-appropriate and forgivable today, it may turn into a habit that they aren't able to shake off even when they grow up. To inculcate the room cleaning habit right from childhood. Make sure that right from a young age, they clean their room at least once. Help them clean and declutter. Teach them to organise things and also teach them the importance of living in a clean environment.


Make them do simple household chores:



As per research, kids who grow up doing basic household chores become more responsible. You don't have to ask them to wash the utensils or sweep the floor, simple tasks like putting the dishes in their place after they are cleaned or organizing the snack drawer will make them learn a lot. And when you clean the house for the festival, you should consider including them in that too.


So, here are some cleanliness lessons that you must teach your child. These tips will not only prepare them for the future but will also make them more responsible, hygiene and organised.

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