Parenting Tips: EASY routine your kids can follow everyday to stay happy and healthy

Just like adults, children also need a fixed routine that will utilize their time and energy optimally.

Updated on Dec 03, 2019 07:05 PM IST  |  1.8M
Parenting Tips: EASY routine your kids can follow everyday to stay happy and healthy
Parenting Tips: EASY routine your kids can follow everyday to stay happy and healthy
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Kids who follow a routine everyday tend to be more academically advanced, healthier and happier than the kids who don’t. More than adults, children need a sense of stability and security to perform a task to the best of their abilities. When your child gets used to a routine they are able to manage their time better, be responsible for their own chores and even grow up to diligent adults. If your child seems to be a mess while getting ready for school and doesn’t seem to finish his tasks on time, it’s an indicator that you as a parent need to draw up a routine that is easy for your child to follow. 

Adhering to the routine for a few weeks will automatically make the routine a part of your child’s life and they will be better equipped at going about their day!

Set a definite wake-up time:

Don’t let your kids wake up when they wish to. Let them wake up at least an hour before leaving for school. This will give them ample time to take a bath, eat a nutritious breakfast and mentally prepare for the day ahead. Waking up late can leave your child disoriented for the entire day. A definite wake-up time also means that you should ensure they go to bed early, too!



Limit your child’s TV and online time:

No one can escape technology, not even kids. Although technology may have several benefits, yet you need to be strict about how much time you allow your child to stay online. Do not replace play time, meals and family time with staying online. Excessive exposure to gadgets is not only detrimental to your child’s health, but it can also make them anti-social, aggressive and inattentive.



Encourage outdoor activities:

No matter how busy your child may be with studies, they need to participate in some form of outdoor activity everyday. If you do not have a park near your home, consider enrolling your child in activities such as a team sport, swimming or even creative activities. This will help your child build a community, stay active and keep them away from screens!



Family time is important

Every child needs to spend quality time with their family. You should try to have at least one meal together where the family can talk to each other and exchange their feelings without the distraction of TV or something similar. This helps your child understand that they are loved. Open, honest communication among family members also keeps a child from lying, feeling anxious and being secretive.



Night-time routine is important, too: 

Before your child heads to bed, encourage them to read. Reading everyday does not only help them with their vocabulary and language skills, it also makes children creative, imaginative and interested in the arts. Saying a small prayer before going to bed is a great habit to inculcate, too!


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Valuable tips. Need more to follow .