Parenting Tips: How to decode your baby’s cough?

Baby’s cough has different meaning and type and the symptoms are also different for each condition. So, here’s everything parents should know about decoding their baby’s cough.
Parenting Tips: How to decode your baby’s cough?
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Baby’s cough has a different meaning and hence, it becomes sometimes tough to understand the reason for it. If the cough persists for a long time, then it’s always advisable to call your paediatrician.

Types of cough are also different based on their reasons. So, you can decode them as per the type and other symptoms. Our body uses cough as a way to clear the airways, get rid of the phlegm in the throat, postnasal drip and lodged piece of food. So, here’s how to understand the baby’s cough and its reason.

Things to know about baby’s cough:

Dry cough in babies: Dry cough occurs when the baby has a cold or allergies. It helps to clear the postnasal drip or irritation from a sore throat.

Wet cough in babies: Wet cough is related to respiratory illness along with bacterial infections. This causes mucus in the baby’s airways.

Cough that indicates cold

When the cough occurs due to cold, the symptoms are runny or stuffy nose, sore throat and dry cough. In this case, provide lots of fluids to your baby and plenty of rest.

Croup cough in Babies

This cough is caused by a viral infection that makes barking sounds during the cough. Symptoms are barking noise at night while coughing. You can bring a cool-mist humidifier in your room to let your child breathe properly.

Whooping cough in babies

This happens due to a bacterial infection. Symptoms are whooping cough, tongue sticking out, bulging eyes, face discolouration. Make sure you provide the right nutrients to your baby to strengthen his immune system for preventing this problem.

Asthma baby cough

Family history of asthma or allergies is the main reason for this. In such condition, baby makes wheezing sound and other symptoms are cold, itchy and runny eyes.

When to worry about baby’s cough?

In the following situations, you need to call the doctor as soon as possible:

1.Baby under 4 months of age is coughing.

2.Dry cough related to cold that lasts for more than five or seven days.

3.Dry or wet cough with a fever of 100 degrees.

4.Mild and light wheezing.

5.Rapid wheezing.

6.Unable to breathe properly.

7.Turning blue.

DISCLAIMER: It’s always recommended to consult the paediatrician.

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