Parenting Tips: How to POSITIVELY interact with your child if they haven’t scored well on an exam

Kids should not be afraid to tell their parents that they haven’t done well on an exam. Help your kids ace a test with positive interactions.
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School and tests can be a tough time for a lot of kids. No matter how young your child is, they are affected by the competitiveness of exams and the pressure to score well. Kids are also affected by their teachers’ and parents’ expectations, which often negatively affects them to score well on tests. But it’s also important to remember that young kids are new learners and the reason they are being sent to school is to learn new things. When they are unduly pressurised to score well all the time, it makes them anxious and afraid of their guardian’s reaction in case they are unable to live up to their expectations. If your child has been unable to score well on a particular test, scolding them is not the key to get them to do better the next time. Constructive feedback, active participation in their academics and positive interaction with your child will encourage them to perform better on the next test.

Assure them that they are not slow learners

Low grades can make feel kids as if they are slow learners or lazy students. Assure them that it’s not true. Tell them that every individual learns at their own space and it’s important to enjoy learning rather than just worrying about grades. Make sure they understand that grades aren’t a marker of intelligence.

Ask them if you would like to speak to their teacher

Ask your child if you should speak to the teacher on their behalf. Teachers are aware of your child’s weak spots in their learning, and will be willing to help them out. Ask the teacher if they will help your child  by offering them targeted study techniques or worksheets, practice tests and extra classes.

Get creative while studying

Kids don’t really like sitting still and studying, they prefer learning on the go. If your kid has a difficult time sitting with their textbooks, teach them their lessons using interactive study apps, using an abacus while doing maths and fun learning methods like these!

Make them take practice tests

Some children are unable to manage their time while writing an exam, therefore unable to finish the test in the first place! Teach your child how to strategize solving their tests using practice tests. You can use the previous year’s question papers or test booklets.

They need a healthy sleep pattern and food, too

Often children are unable to score well on their tests because of insufficient sleep and nutrition. Don’t force your child to stay up late studying the night before a big test. Make sure they get a goodnight’s sleep and a hearty breakfast so that they are able to focus on the test without feeling drowsy or hungry.

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