Parenting Tips: How to prepare your baby for walking?

Updated on Jul 30, 2020 11:57 AM IST  |  891.2K
Parenting Tips: How to prepare your baby for walking?

Seeing your baby walking for the first time is one of the most special moments. And this involves several steps which eventually teach your baby to walk. First, they will try to stand in the crib. Then he or she will hold the edge of a sofa or a chair to get the balance. And then they will try to move from one object to another with horizontal steps.

This eventually leads to walking, which can take several months. But parents should not hurry about this thing because this cannot take place overnight. They have to be patient. So, here’s what can you do to prepare your baby for walking as a responsible parent.

Steps to prepare your baby for walking:

1-  Your baby will start to take his or her baby steps between 8 and 18 months. First, try to strengthen their stride. Set him or her on the floor to explore. You can also put a toy out of their reach to encourage them to walk. But don’t make it too hard for the little one.

2-  Eventually, they will get more confident and their walking will be smoother in a year. But in the meantime, he or she might fall a lot while trying to walk. So, don’t panic at that moment because then your baby will also freak out.

3-  Try to provide support when your baby tries to walk by standing behind him, placing your hands around his upper arms and getting him in a standing position.

4-  If your baby doesn’t stand or take baby steps between 12 and 18 months, then talk to your paediatrician immediately.

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