Parenting Tips: Use THESE smart devices to baby proof your home

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Parenting Tips: Use THESE smart devices to baby proof your home

We always want to keep an eye on infants and toddlers in the home to know whether they are safe or not or whether they are creating any mess or not. But you cannot always be right beside them and we need something to control their movement. They may fall sick, eat something off the floor, damage anything; but if you can watch them constantly, then babies can remain safe.

That’s why one should leverage technology to take care of little ones. There are many devices that can monitor your baby all the time when you cannot be with him or her. When the baby has any problem then you can know that as soon as it happens. So, here’s a guide for you to use smart devices to baby-proof your home.

Smart devices to monitor your baby in different ages.  

Infants- 0 to 6 months
At this age, your baby doesn’t know how to walk or crawl, but still you to monitor them. So, here are the devices that are needed at this stage:

Smart sleep and breathing monitor
This device not only makes you able to see your baby remotely but you can also speak to your baby through a mobile. It will also have a check on your baby’s breathing. And this will track their movements and will make you alert if your baby hasn’t moved for a while. You need to choose them which one you want to have. Some of the devices can also track their oxygen saturation and heart rate. These all will be shown on your smartphone. This can also track your baby’s sleep

Video baby monitors
This device has now been advanced in a new way that you can see your baby either on a screen or on your phone. Some of the devices also come with air quality sensors. So, you can also check the environment which your baby is sleeping in.

Crawlers and Toddlers- 6 months to 3 years
At this stage, you need to keep a constant eye on your baby’s movements as he can now crawl or walk. So, he can easily get out of the crib and start moving to get out of the room. This can be very dangerous for your little one. So, these are the devices that should monitor their movements:

Entry sensors
Since then we can walk now, it would be easier for them to reach anything. So, whenever something breaks or your baby creates any mess, the sensor sends alert to your phone so that you can protect them.

Flood and leak sensors
These devices are there to detect water on the floor. Once, your baby starts to walk or crawl, they can easily enter the washroom and open the taps. These devices will help you to know if something similar happens in the baby’s room.

Indoor security cameras
Indoor security cameras are quite affordable. You can keep them in different corners of your home to watch your baby wherever he moves around the house. This will mostly be helpful when you need to monitor his movements from the bathroom.

Smart vacuums
At this phase, babies tend to eat anything off the floor, which is extremely dangerous for them. It may lead to severe health issues. That’s why you need a smart vacuum that keeps the floor clean so that your kid cannot eat anything from it. It will be helpful to keep the carpets clean.

So, here’s why you need smart devices to monitor your baby’s moves. These will protect your infant when you cannot be with them. The best part is when something hazardous happens, they will send you an alert. So, now you don’t need to get tensed when you have to leave them alone because someone is watching them constantly. It’s also better to purchase and arrange these devices everywhere in your home before the infant comes. After all, the baby’s health and safety are the first priority of a parent.

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