Pet Allergies: 9 Tips to reduce and treat the allergic symptoms of your furry friends

Pet allergies is one of the biggest issues that every pet owner is concerned about. People who are allergic to pets also face different problems by the allergens of the pet’s skin. So, here are some tips to reduce your pet’s allergies.
Pet Allergies: 9 Tips to reduce and treat the allergic symptoms of your furry friends
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Pet allergies are one of the biggest problems faced by pet owners. This problem tends to increase during the summer season due to heat, dust and pollution. Some people are allergic to cats and dogs and they experience allergy symptoms when they come in close contact with them. During the allergic reactions, they may have itchy eyes, cough, wheezing, etc. According to research, 15 to 30 percent people with allergies have allergic reactions to dogs and cats.

Any pet may invoke allergic reactions to people. And it is said that people who have the ability to tolerate the allergic reactions have resistance to that particular pet. But handling allergies of your pets can be harmful sometimes if done with proper knowledge. So, here we have given some tips to tackle your pet’s allergies.

Tips to reduce pet allergies and protect yourself from infections:

1-  Keep the pet out of the bedroom during this time and never let him sleep on your bed.

2-  Keep the floors of your house clean and don’t use any carpets because carpets can hold dander in it, which is highly allergic. Dander is the dead skin cells that are shed by the pets.

3-  Bathe the pets regularly to remove those allergens from their body.

4-  The allergens shed form pets are sticky and can stay in the environment for a long time. Keeping your pets in the bedroom cannot reduce the allergens. So, try to clean the entire house properly including the surfaces. It is the only option to reduce the allergens levels in the air to stay safe.

5-  Before cuddling, wear an old shirt. And once you are done, change the clothes and wash your hands properly.

6-  Brush or comb the hair of your pets regularly to get rid of the shedding of hair.

7-  You can also use a salt lamp to reduce the pet's allergies because they release negative ions which can lock the dust in the air.

8-  If you are highly allergic to pets then use a synthetic pillow; it can reduce the symptoms.

9-  You need to visit a veterinary doctor to treat the allergies of your pet. And you should consult your doctor for treating the allergic symptoms.