Pet Parenting: 8 Things that only a cat lover can understand

Having a cat has it's downsides but there's no love greater than that of a pet parent. Being a cat parent does not come easy because kitties are known to be notorious and they all have different personalities but there are some things that only a cat lover or owner understand.
Pet Parenting: 8 Things that only a cat lover can understand Pet Parenting: 8 Things that only a cat lover can understand
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Having a pet is not an easy task because it comes with a lot of responsibilities but in today's time when we're all working long hours and have nuclear families, it is very difficult to take care of a pet and manage the responsibilities. These days people travel a lot for work and with the long working hours that we have, it's not practical to leave your pet alone at home and this is why many people prefer having pets that can manage staying alone, like cats. But having cats makes us seem like that crazy old cat lady. 

Being a cat lover is not easy with all the haters out there. Most people don't realise the kind of love and affection that cats can show for their parent. They're very independent and have different personalities and just because they don't jump to greet you the moment you walk in the door or don't lick your face to show love, it doesn't mean that they don't love you. It simply means that cats have a different way of showing love and that may not be as cute as having a pup but it does include some cuddles and headbutts. Being a proud cat parent comes with different vibes but it does have the joy of being a pet parent. 

Here are a few things that only a cat parent will get. 

1. You just cannot get rid of the cat hair in your home or on your clothes. You could be brushing and grooming your cat or cleaning your home with a vaccume cleaner but you will still manage to find a layer of cat hair on your clothes and your home decor. You can't not have cat hair all over you. 

2. Your shelves remain empty. You do not keep any showpiece or item on any surface that is remotely accessible by your cat because they're known to knock this over when they're bored. Be it that glass of water or your lip balm, you just can't leave it out there because your kitty will push it down and watch it crash for the joy of it. 

3. You're used to having your cat's butt in your face at all weird and odd times. You cannot avoid having a good look at your cat's butt because no matter what happens, your cat will find an opportunity to stick their butt in your face. 

4. Your cat sleeps throughout the day except for when you want to sleep or have to do something important. That's just when they manage to get enough energy to create chaos in your home and you're just used to falling asleep to your cat running across the room and scratching walls and climbing all over your. 

5. You cannot have a tissue roll, toilet paper roll or any book left out in the open because it will be attacked by your cat and destroyed. Other than that you cannot have a cardboard box or paper bag out there because you WILL find it in little pieces all over the house after a day or two. 

6. Work from home is very difficult because your cat loves taking a nap on your laptop when you need to work. They also love to put their butt in your face when you're on a video call or they will be meowing incessantly while you're on an important call because they absolutely and urgently need your undivided attention. 

7. Scratch marks are a normal part of your routine. Your cat loves cuddles and tummy rubs but you never know when they might bite you or scratch you or attack your hand for the joy of it and there's nothing you can do about it. They're never sorry for the scratch marks but they're just a sign of your cats love and craziness. 

8. You've never been to the toilet alone because your cats love to accompany you even if it's the middle of the night. Your cat hates being locked out of the bathroom because it has to complete its obligatory duty of watching you over while you do your business. 

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All true from me n boo n lilly.

I can so relate to all 8 of the points listed. My little Tigger is pretty much the boss at home but I have grown to adore him unconditionally. Headbutt, scratches,and the little gestures of affection that only a cat owner will appreciate. ☺️

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