Pet Parenting: Here are 5 signs that indicate that your dog is depressed

Dogs are emotional beings and sensitive. Just like humans they too can develop mental health problems but spotting the signs can be a little tricky. This is why every pet parent should keep tabs on their pet's mental health.
Pet Parenting: Here are 5 signs that indicate that your dog is depressedPet Parenting: Here are 5 signs that indicate that your dog is depressed
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You might be the best pet parent but that does not mean that you don't make mistakes. We all tend to make mistakes and when it comes to pet parenting the one most common mistake that most people make is not paying heed to their pet's mental health. Being a parent to a furry baby is not easy but not many of us are able to keep tabs on our pet's mental health. It's the one things that no one really talks about.

We all know that dogs understand emotions and they feel a lot more than we can ever imagine but there is a large communication gap between humans and dogs. You might be able to understand your little pups needs but you might not understand when they're struggling with a mental health problem. They don't have the luxury of being able to share their problems with us or get help but as a pet parent, it's our responsibility to understand our pooch and get it the help it needs.

Here are some signs that your dog is depressed.

1. Dogs usually have a different sleep pattern and sleep a little more than humans do but if your dog has suddenly become inactive and sleeps all day and refuses to get out of the bed then it might be a sign of depression. Just like humans, dogs too sleep a lot when they're depressed.

2. If your dog excessively licks his own paws or bites or chews them then it indicates that he is dealing with a problem which is possibly psychological because dogs lick or chew their paws when they're trying to soothe themselves.

3. When your dog suddenly loses all interest in activities like playing, going for a walk or baths and spends all his or her time in laying low and seems sad and less active then there is a big chance that your dog is suffering for depression and needs medical attention.

4. Depression can make people feel alone and this is why many people isolate themselves and the same thing happens with dogs. If your dog is withdrawn and has stopped interacting with family, friends and hides away or has been isolating himself then that is a big sign of trouble.

5. You might notice some changes in your dog's diet if he is depressed. If your dog suddenly starts eating too much or eats too little or refuses to eat then chances are that he is feeling low and depressed. You might also notice some changes in his weight as well due to the changes in his appetite. 

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Thanks. Very informative

You "people" with such negative comments should really take a real, long look at your own "human" mental health!!!! They're BABIES!!! Wow!!! What direction the world has turned to, nowadays!!?? Great info!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Which, most don't/won't do now, in a positive fashion, in this SICK WORLD!!! UHH, YEA,... SICKOS!!!!

This is just a load of rubbish!
Most of these symptoms are more likely because of medical conditions like thyroid issues. Instead of giving more love, take the pet to a vet when you see these signs!

Yes, they are emotional beings, they required family around and likes to pamper. We can observe their feelings if one is close to pet. We can make it out if it is unwell. Treat dogs with respect it will pour all the love for us.

What r the meds for depression in dogs, im wondering??


I take my lab for a walk every evening & on the weekends I take him in the morning & evening. Exercise helps both humans & pets. Give them something to look forward too!

Thanks for the info

This is good information and correct I've had dogs all my life and they are babies and you have to treat them as such and if you don't love them they know give all your love you can because I will always return it God meant for this to be this way they show unconditional love

Thanks for the information.I will keep in mind for my son Gogols

My Black lebra aged 7 months chew each and everything whether its steel , stones ,Iron or woodn table . What to do ?

Ridiculous. My dog has allergies NOT DEPRESSION. Utter nonsense

Hug your pets as much as you can. The tail wagging will let you know how much they really need your affection.

Very helpful!

Great info that I’ll pass on to other pet parents.

Great info that I’ll pass on to other pet parents.

Pugs sleep alot when they are happy!

This is something really good and useful.Please upload things like this..

I love this girl

Very useful information!! Our pups need all the love we can give them.

This is just garbage.

I certainly don’t feel this’s garbage.

Complete click bait. Thought there might be something interesting or informative but it's just rubbish.

I agree

Thanks for sharing valuable information


Thank you for the information. My dog licks himself like a cat. All the time. I wonder why???

Did you read the article?

Very useful and educational information to all pet parents like me.

Useful information thanks

Useful information. Thank u

My dog licks her paws non stop I tried every medication can u suggest wt can be done

CBD really helped my friend's doggo!

She might be bored. Try spending some quality time with her. Do things she likes. Alternatively, try to find out if something is stressing her.

Give all your love to him.
Allow him to sleep beside your bed. Talk to him with soothing voice. Carress him often and don't let him long alone. If you have to go out take him with you. Love is the best healing power. ♥️

Very appropriate and useful signs.

Thanks for sharing.

Very useful and wish everybody treats the pet as a family member and gives maximum attention. In our house our lab is always priority then humans...

Appreciate information.

Useful information

Useful information

Is Charlatan a good name fot a dog?

Is Charlatan a good name fot a dog?

Is euthanizing the dog a solution.

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