Pet Parenting: How to give your dog a relaxing spa day at home?

Giving a relaxing spa treatment to your furry friend can be fun for both of you. Your pet will feel relaxed, rejuvenated and happy to have the spa at home. So, check out the steps to do it below.
Pet Parenting: How to give your dog a relaxing spa day at home?
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We often like to indulge in a spa treatment to feel relaxed. It makes us rejuvenated and relieves stress. So, if we can enjoy it so can our dogs. Pet dogs can also be provided with a soothing and relaxing spa treatment at home. They will enjoy this to the fullest.

Your dogs will feel highly pampered to have this spa session. But giving a spa treatment doesn’t mean you have to take them to a salon. You can easily create a spa session at your home for your little furry friend. So, here we have shared the steps of creating a relaxing spa day for your pet dog below.

Steps of giving your dog a soothing spa day:

1-  First, make sure you have everything ready for the session from start to finish.

2-  Then, start it by making him do some exercises to pump up your dog’s heart rate. This can be a long run or a simple walk.

3-  After the intense workout, give him a nice massage to relax his muscles. The shoulder portion of your dogs carries a lot of weight, so focus on that area specifically. Use your finger tips to give the massage with circular motions on the entire body including the shoulders.

4-  Next, clean his nails with a pedicure kit.

5-  Then, bathe with warm water after the pedicure. Use a mild shampoo that conditions his skin well.

6-  Once the bathing is done, pat the dog's coat dry with a towel; you can also use a hair dryer for it, but keep the temperature low.

7-  Then brush his coat from head to tail in slow motion.

8-  Lastly, give him his favourite food to end the spa session.