Pet Parenting: MOVIES you can watch with your furry ones at home

If you want to do something with your little pooch this weekend, then here are some movies that you must watch with your furry friend. These movies will not only make you both laugh, but your pooch will also experience some movies and chill scene.
Pet Parenting: MOVIES you can watch with your furry ones at home
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Sometimes it's okay to do things alone, but sometimes you need someone. It may be a person who you are close to or a pet who you love the most. But sometimes, we all need some to cuddle. And when it comes to cuddling, no one can be compared to our fur babies. Our pups have this magical presence that makes any situation better, hands down. Be it a sad day or a happy day, you'll always find your pup by your side. And if you happened to be feeling a bit low because of the current scenario, then it's time to watch some movies with your pet.


The best part about watching it with your pup is that they can't give you spoilers and you can cry while watching the movie without being judged. Plus if you feel low, you always have your pup by your side to snuggle. With that, here are some movies to watch with your dog that'll give both of you all the feels. We are sure just like your dog will enjoy some Netflix and chill too!


Must watch movies with your pup at home. 





If your dog loves water, then they will love this movie too. While watching this movie, if your dog barks at the screen, then they are surely loving the movie. There's also a lot of singing along and other animals in this movie. Soar through the open sea from your comfy couch, with your pup as your first mate.





Just like your pup, the trolls in this movie are super adorable. These trolls will parade a soft spot into your heart. Plus, watching cartoon movies with your pup is the perfect way to stay happy indoors.


The Secret Life Of Pets:



We always wonder what our pets do when we are not around them. What they think or how they behave while they are alone. And if you have the same curiosity about your pup, then this movie will give you a hilarious interpretation about what goes down.


Fox and The Hound:



When a fox and hound dog become friends, as pups they never realise what the consequences of growing up will bring. If you love drama, then you and your pooch should watch this movie.


Ace Ventura: Pet Detective:



Watching Ace Ventura: Pet Detective will be like taking your fur baby to the zoo. You and your pooch will laugh, cry and have fun together while watching this movie.

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