Pet Parenting: THESE ingredients should be avoided in your dog’s grooming products

Like our products, even pet products have some ingredients that can harm them in future. Read below to find out a list of ingredients should be avoided in your dog’s grooming products.
Pet Parenting: THESE ingredients should be avoided in your dog’s grooming products
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Nowadays, all of us try to refrain from using products that have chemicals in them. We make sure to use organic products and always check the ingredients before investing in a product. We know which grooming products to use and which to avoid. Be it face wash or shampoo, we make sure that it is sulphate or SLS free, the night cream or body lotion does not contain paraben and what not. We do that because we are well aware of the harmful effects of these chemicals. However, do you do this for your pets also?


Believe it or not, pets are also exposed to the harmful effects of chemicals present in their grooming products. They too can face issues, if there are certain chemicals in their products. With that, read below to find out some chemicals that are harmful to the pet and should be avoided in their products as well. Read below to find out the ingredients that you must lookout for the next time.


Here are some ingredients that should be avoided in your dog's grooming products:





Paraben is a preservative, which is available in cosmetic products, personal hygiene and sometimes even food products. Parabens are effective in stopping the growth of microorganisms like bacteria, yeasts and fungi that can cause a product to decompose or spoil. Research also states that paraben, when used in grooming products, has harmful benefits and can cause cancer and interfere with the male reproductive functions. Hence, while buying shampoos and other grooming and food products for your pet, make sure that they are paraben-free.





Cleansing products contain a high amount of sulphate, which can cause dryness of the skin that might result in allergy or irritation. Given the fact that pets' skin is sensitive, it's best to avoid shampoos that contain sulphates.


Artificial fragrance:



Artificial fragrances are made up of a mixture of various synthetic chemicals, and some of them are linked to abnormal cell reproduction that can result in cancer, diabetes and obesity. And can have worse side effects on your pets. Hence, make sure that you don't get such products for your pets.


Artificial colours:



Just like the fragrance, artificial colours also contain a wide range of synthetic chemicals. Many artificial colours contain tar and lead that are believed to be carcinogenic. As per research, these colours can cause skin problems too. So for the betterment of your pet, say no to products that have artificial colours.

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