Pet Parenting Tips: 7 Fun games to play with your dog

Dogs need regular exercises and activities to have proper mental stimulation. So make that workout session fun with these easy games. Read below.
Pet Parenting Tips: 7 Fun games to play with your dog
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Dogs love to perform activities. And they need to do that to stay active and healthy. If you don’t make your dog exercise regularly, then he will get bored which can result in many health and mental issues. So, doing certain activities with your furry friend daily will provide him with proper mental stimulation.

If you want then play some fun games with him. This is another easy and interesting way of making him do the workout. So, if you are also searching for some fun games to play with your dog, then this is the right place for you. Read on to know the names of the games.

Fun games to play with your dog:

1- Play tug of war with your dog. This is really very interesting for them. And this will not make him aggressive. But make sure to stop the game when his teeth touch your hand.

2- Play frisbee with your dog. This will teach him to chase over long distances. If he cannot catch a frisbee then start by using a soft disc and then shift to frisbee.

3- Create some bubbles and tell him to chase them. It might be a fun game to play with him.

4- If you have beach near your home, then you can take your friend there with some toys to play in the water. Otherwise, you can bring a kid's pool in your backyard, fill it with water, put some pet toys in it and let your dog enjoy the water.

5- Finding the tricks is another fun game for your pet dog. Hide some treats in a place and tell him to find that. You can hide in the same place and that won’t bother him.

6- Have your own digging box with some soil, wood and sand. Then tell him to dig the place. You can also hide some of his favourite toys in it.

7- You can also play hide and seek with your friend. You can hide at the different spots every time which will never make them bored.

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