Pet Parenting Tips: THESE are the things to know for feeding your cat

Are you a new pet parent to a cat? Then giving a healthy and balanced diet plan is your first responsibility. So, these are some tips to follow for feeding your cat.
Pet Parenting Tips: THESE are the things to know for feeding your cat
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Like dogs, cats can also be picky eaters. They are very opinionated about their food. So, you have to offer your cat pets different types of foods like wet, dry, semi dry etc. as they need to get all types of nutrients which are only possible through a healthy diet plan. 


You have to read the labels while buying commercial foods for your furry friend. Quantity and time should also be maintained to have a balanced diet. So, there are many things to know about feeding your cat. So, here it is. 


What you should know about feeding your cat: 


How much and how often they should eat?

Generally, it’s best to feed your cat at dawn and dusk. Because they hunt and catch prey in the wild at this time. And the quantity of the food depends on their size, age and how active he is. But generally, 200 calories per day is good enough. You should always talk to your vet regarding their meal. 


Balanced diet

While buying commercial cat food, it’s necessary to read the nutrient chart rather than the ingredient one. Because it’s important to know what is there inside the food. Grains and carbs are not always bad for them. On the other hand, foods with only protein and fats are a bit expensive. So, it’s better to opt for ones that have all of them. 



It’s strictly not allowed to overfeed your cat. This can result in joint and heart diseases and diabetes. They should only eat at the specific mealtime and food should be kept away from them at all other times. 


Thoughts about commercial foods for cats?

According to vets, it’s safe to opt for commercial foods to feed your little friend. But they should be made only for cats to meet their nutritional needs and provide a balanced and healthy diet.


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