Pisces to Aquarius: How to handle each Zodiac sign when you make them angry

Managed to piss of a vicious Scorpio or an Aries? And now, you don't know how to deal with the wrath? Read along to find out how to handle each zodiac sign when you have managed to piss them off.
People,zodiac,Pisces,angerPisces to Aquarius: How to handle each Zodiac sign when you make them angry
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Everybody loses their temper from time to time. Maybe certain things get under your skin like when someone mentions a touchy subject or teases you about something that you feel embarrassed or hurt about. Since respective zodiac sign says so much about each individual’s emotional spectrum and their overall character, it’s a huge predictor of how to handle different zodiac signs when you have pissed them off completely.


A Pisces is always a thunderstorm of emotions and they can be quite self-destructive when they are angry. Most often they go into this passive aggressive face than expressing their emotions directly. They will never come up front and solve it until you do something about it. Now, Pisceans are comparatively easy to handle when mad, just apologise and pull them into a big warm hug. They key is to be super gentle with their little sensitive hearts.


When you piss off an Aries, there is no holding back. They will immediately explode in a fit of fiery rage and you will feel so caught off guard. Luckily their outburst don’t last all that long. All you need to do is give them some time to cool off first. If you attempt to reason with them in midst of their temper fit, things will only get even worse. So, always give them their space and time before you try to talk it out with them.


Taureans keep their rage under control, acting like everything is fine until the rage gets too intense for them to hide. It is pure fury from there after. You should never start an argument at this point, as they won’t stop until they get the last word. Just let it go. They easy way out is t just let it roll off your back, apologise and move on even when you know that you are right.


God help you if you have somehow managed to anger a Gemini. When they are mad, they will undoubtedly tear you apart with words. An angry Gemini is capable of being calm and collected as they twist the knife, confident that they are getting their point across. The only thing you do to calm them down is to apologise in all different languages! Do something nice for them but that's not going to solve everything. It’s going to take some work to undo their anger.


When you anger a Cancer, it hurts their feelings. They will seem a lot more moodier than usual, maybe even cranky. If you push them further, they’ll just end up venting it all out. So it's better not to cushion your argument with insults against them. It only hurts them more. Apologise, apologise, apologise, and tell them how much you love them. Their soft-spirit makes it very hard for them to be angry.


Warning: If you piss off a Leo, get ready to witness a full-blown scene. They will not give a world’s care about where they are or who they are with. They will be so absorbed in their own drama that you won't even be able to get a word in. Hear them out, let them speak, and try to make amends by being nice to them. You will have to be the one to diffuse their anger.


It is pretty easy to piss off a Virgo as they have a strict idea of right and wrong. Usually, they just hold it back and let it build up with in them, but after a point, they will explode on you. They will probably still be angry about something you did months ago that you barely even remember. All you have to do is be sincere when you apologise. Generally, Virgos are pretty understanding.


They don't like to make situations ugly or cause drama; so instead, they will make you suffer slowly by withholding affection or giving you the silent treatment. It may seem extremely excruciating. Well, how to handle it? Good luck! Time heals everything!


Firstly, why would you EVER piss off a Scorpio? They will make you wish you were never born with their bone-chilling glare and their ability to pinpoint your deepest insecurities and use them against you. They will seem to you like heartless creatures when they’re angered. Make a sincere apology, but be sure to learn from your mistakes, and don’t ever, ever make the same mistake again. They don’t forget, and they will not be burned a second time.


A Sagittarius really doesn't let most things affect them too deeply, so if you manage to truly anger them, you must have done something really stupid! Therefore, there will be no sympathy for you as you meet their wrath — a deadly wrath, at that. Buy them something they like as a peace offering and always be sincere. They can see right through you.


An angry Capricorn will viciously tell you off. Then, you no longer exist to them. They have no qualms with cutting off toxic people and moving on. They'll be so cold to you and forget about you so easily that it will send shivers up your spine. Firstly, give them some time to blow off some steam before hand. After that, you should be able to sit down and reasonably talk things out.


They are easy-going souls, and it takes a lot to push an Aquarian off the edge. If you successfully manage to do that, they will disappear. You'll call and text them repeatedly and they won't respond. They just don't have the energy to have a showdown with you. Instead, they'll simply avoid you. They will do this for a while, and you need to let them do so. Give them some time, and they’ll be back to normal.


As a scorpion, I approve it

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