From Pisces to Cancer: Zodiac signs that might suffer from relationship anxiety

These 4 Zodiac signs may experience relationship anxiety.

Updated on Jun 23, 2022 04:17 PM IST  |  500.7K
Relationship anxiety
From Pisces to Cancer: Zodiac signs that might suffer from relationship anxiety
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Stress and anxiety are commonplace in relationships. Sometimes the anxiety we experience in our relationships is brought on by issues at work, with family, or with friends. Couples' problems, such as an argument, divergent needs or wants, or feelings of neglect, can also cause stress and worry. People who experience relationship anxiety may act in ways that end up distancing their partner. Unfortunately, some star signs may be predisposed to this heart-pounding and mind-bending survival strategy in their romantic relationship between the two partners more so than others.

Below are 4 zodiac signs that may suffer from relationship anxiety.


1. Cancer

Relationships are very important to Cancers, and when they are with someone, they tend to get quite emotional. When it comes to execution, these two qualities tend to coincide with his zodiac sign since they have a soft heart and thus experience all emotions constantly. They get anxious over the prospect of losing a loved one and obsess over hypothetical possibilities like "what if this" and "what if that."


2. Gemini

Geminis have a dual personality that causes them to disagree with their own beliefs. Especially though they may be fun-loving individuals, a large portion of their anxiety stems from their constant desire to be entertaining and relevant, even in their romantic relationships. They put too much pressure on themselves by attempting to live up to their partner's expectations, which causes anxiety problems.


3. Virgo

Virgos are too emotional. Their tendency to interpret everything on their terms might lead to internal turmoil and worry. Given how emotionally aloof Virgos are, you could be shocked to learn that you've offended them. They may not express their emotions, but it doesn't mean they aren't very sensitive. After a conflict with their spouse, Virgos may feel exhausted from absorbing, which causes anxiety.


4. Pisces

Pisces are nurturing people. They are someone who places others' needs ahead of their own. Although it is a wonderful thing, it can occasionally have a negative impact on their mental health, making them tense and anxious in their romantic relationships. Because of their adaptable nature and ability to absorb their partner's energy, they are prone to anxiety. Even without their spouse being aware of the issue arising in their relationship, they are continuously pulling themselves out of an imaginary challenging and compromising situation.

Many people experience anxiety less frequently, which calls for minor lifestyle adjustments and other coping methods above everything else. It's critical to look for expert assistance for others.

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