From Pisces to Cancer: Zodiac signs who are lonely in their relationship

The following four zodiac signs are lonely in their relationships.

Written by Aastha Pahadia , Certified Relationship Coach
Updated on Jul 03, 2022 | 06:04 AM IST | 886.9K
Loneliness in relationship
From Pisces to Cancer: Zodiac signs who are lonely in their relationship

It's possible to feel lonely in a relationship without actually being alone. Even when you are with your lover, loneliness can hit at the most inconvenient times and prevent you from connecting. Due to this loss of connection, there is a good chance that you won't get along well with your spouse and you won't gel. For these complicated zodiac signs, loneliness in a relationship is unavoidable. Numerous factors, including zodiac signs, can intensify this, but they are one of them.

Here we bring you 4 zodiac signs who are lonely despite being in a relationship.

1. Pisces

There are significant issues for Pisces when it comes to relationships and individuals. For a sign that is thought to be the most sensitive in the zodiac, they may sometimes be startlingly chilly and emotionally distant. They prefer to keep their emotions under wraps when dealing with anything that makes them feel uneasy, sad, or disturbed in a relationship or in any other situation which leads to them feeling lonely.

2. Virgo

Virgos are too emotional. Their propensity to take everything personally might lead to internal turmoil. Given how emotionally detached Virgos are, you could be shocked to learn that you've offended them. Overthinking will force them to distance themselves from their partners. This sign craves attention, and if they don't receive it despite having someone in their lives, they withdraw themselves.


3. Scorpio

Normally loner creatures, scorpions don't mind being by themselves—until they do. Scorpios normally receive lots of space from their loved ones because they need their "me time," but occasionally, a Scorpio may feel overly isolated in a relationship, which can cause them to feel emotionally distant from their partner.

4. Cancer

The sensitive nature of a Cancerian depends on the love, consolation, and devotion from the other. They are constantly yearning for someone to look after them, and although it is difficult for Cancer to stop loving someone and simply give up on them, once they start to feel disconnected, the sign frequently falls into a cycle of feeling lonely despite having a partner. They withdraw into their own shell and refrain from showing their lover their true feelings.

Both introverts and extroverts have experienced loneliness, but these four personality types are more likely to experience it.

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