Planning a diet? Here are some diets you should stay away from

Weight Loss Diet Plan: The stakes are high when it comes to weight loss and health. It’s important to pick a balanced diet that does not cost you your health.
diet plan for weight loss, weight loss diet planPlanning a diet? Here are some diets you should stay away from
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Dieting has become a trend these days. Everyone is going on some of the other diets every other day. And every other day there is some new diet in the market that promises unrealistic things to people and some people simply want a flat belly or thinner thighs but workout seems like a big task and a diet sounds much easier especially since these diets promote weight loss and unrealistic goals that everyone just loves. Who doesn’t love a good shortcut? If you can get it easy why even try at all. That’ll all people think before they plunge themselves into these scams of weight loss. But these diets are actually unhealthy and dangerous. We all need a balanced diet and not a diet that will starve us or push to survive on liquids.

The human body was never meant to starve or live off liquids and if you push your body too far it could harm your health. Is it okay to lose your health just to lose some weight? Keep an eye out for diets that may be dangerous for your health.

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Juice Cleanse

It promises you a lean body and a slim waist but surviving purely on juices for an extended period can make you sick and your body loses the proteins and minerals and the other nutrients that it requires to stay healthy.

Cotton Ball

Consuming a few cotton balls soaked in juices is not the right way to lose weight. This diet is dangerous for your body. Consuming cotton balls can cause trouble for your body due to the germs and bleach and synthetic fibers it contains and it suppresses your appetite which isn't good for your body.

Protein Shake Diet

You’re only supposed to consume different kinds of protein shakes in order to lose weight but when you do this you miss out on the basic calories that your body needs and you end up feeling acidic and bloated due to the artificial sugar and fibers that it contains.

Intermittent Fasting

Fasting is okay if it’s only for a day but fasting for a longer period of time can deny your body the basic things it needs to get through the day and remain healthy. Fasts like the werewolf diet can never do your body any good.

One Food Diet

Diets that include one food like the cabbage diet or the mushroom diet or the cookie diet or the grapefruit diet makes you eat a single food that you like but when you do that you end up deficiencies and your body lacks the nourishment it needs.

Raw Food Diet

We’ve all heard that cooking vegetables can destroy the nutrient it contains. But what we fail to notice is that sometimes cooking food can increase the nutrients and also helps cleanse the vegetable of the germs and bacteria as the heat kills it. Eating raw food may put you at the risk of consuming harmful germs and bacteria and falling sick.

Five Bite Diet

This diet allows you to eat anything you want but only allows you to take 5 bites out of it. Though this bite may seem like a great option to someone who is obese it reduces your intake of calories and our bodies need a basic amount of calories to run which it does not get due to this diet.

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