Planning a girls night out? THESE are the shows that you have to watch with your girl gang

Girls night out are fun when you binge watch your favourite TV shows with your gal pals. And if you are having a girls night out soon, then these are the TV shows that you have to watch.
Planning a girls night out? THESE are the shows that you have to watch with your girl gangPlanning a girls night out? THESE are the shows that you have to watch with your girl gang
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When it comes to night outs, all of us look forward to spending time with our gal pals. Our entire girl gang comes together, and we eat, dance, sip on some beverages, gossip, and watch our favourite shows together. Be it dancing relentlessly on Bollywood numbers, or gossiping about one person we don't like mutually makes girls night out special. With festival and leaves around the corner, if you are planning a night out with your girl gang, then you have to watch these shows together. 


These shows not only define the essence of girl bonding but are filled with drama and controversies that we crave for. Be it planning an act of revenge against another character, or standing up for themselves, these shows have everything we need. So, add these shows to your list while you sip on some beverages and have some cookies in your PJs. Watch it and thank us later for suggesting them to you.


2 Broke Girls:


Max- the badass broke girl and Caroline- a millionaire who lost all her fortune end up working together at a dinner in Brooklyn. These co-workers, roommates and best friends meet at The Williamsburg Diner and their journey of heartbreaks, owning a business together and getting involved in funny controversies makes it a must-watch. 


Gilmore Girls:


This show explores themes of friendship, romance, generational problems, and class issues in fast-paced episodes packed with fantastic dialogue. The show has many distinctive characters that will have you coming back and singing the theme song along with each episode. All you girls will relate to the characters of this show at some point of the time. 


Jane the Virgin:


This one is a classic, it is filled with drama and twists, which makes it a perfect show for a girls night out. The story starts when Jane, the lead of the show, navigates the aftermath of her accidental artificial insemination. With family drama, a steamy love triangle and a face-changing crime lord, it packs plenty of action into each episode. 


Sex and the City:


Now, I am sure all of you have watched the 1st and 2nd installment of the movie, but watching the iconic TV show is way fun. You get to witness Carrie's multiple heartbreaks, Charlotte's weddings, Miranda's relationship with steve, and of course Samantha's fantasies. You cannot help but watch this show with your gal pals since it defines the truth of relationships and friendships in the best way possible. 


Gossip Girl:


Slick, uber-wealthy and almost unbearably white, Gossip Girl is our all-time favourite drama show. It's funny, controversial and shows teenage romance and drama in the most articulate way possible. Be it a race to become the most popular girl in high school, or a race to get married and successful first, every episode of gossip girl will take you one step closer to what can be called as reality. 

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