Planning to party? Here’s how you can party responsibly and stay safe

Downing too many shots at a party and being reckless can get you in trouble. Take precautions for your own safety because as they say, “Precaution is better than cure”.
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Everyone loves a good party. We all enjoy partying and being reckless once in a while. We drink to get drunk and we dance like there’s no tomorrow and we go crazy. It’s okay to unwind this way. But when we drink recklessly and put ourselves out there we also put ourselves at a risk. An increased alcohol intake won’t just harm your health, it may do much worse. You never know when things might take the wrong turn. Being intoxicated renders you incapable of protecting yourself and staying safe or taking the right decisions. It’s essential to drink and party responsibly because if you don’t you won’t be nursing just a hangover the next morning. Here are some ways you can have fun and party and be safe at the same time.

1. Don’t mix alcohol. We love some cocktails once in a while but do not create a cocktail of your own. Don’t mix your spirits. If you’re drinking whiskey don’t switch to vodka later, stick to your drink. Mixing alcohol gets your high at a faster rate and also messes with your head.

2. Avoid caffeine or energy drinks. Don’t use an energy drink as a mixer and avoid having a cup of coffee after your drinking session. It won’t get your high down. Caffeine or an energy drink might make things worse.

3. Don’t stay hungry. Eat up before the party and if you failed to eat up then eat while you drink. If you drink on an empty stomach your liver won’t be the only one suffering. You get intoxicated sooner if you drink on an empty stomach and the alcohol drenches your liver.

4. Don’t down drinks after drinks, take it slow. Pace your drinks. There is no hurry. Focus on having fun rather than getting high. Doing shots after shots won’t make it a fun night. Drink slowly.

5. Have a designated sober driver. Avoid a cab if you’re too intoxicated. Ensure that there is a sober driver to get you home before you go out to a party or else ask a parent or someone you trust to pick you up.

6. Don’t leave your drink unattended. You might not know when someone spiked your drink. Ask a friend to keep an eye on your drink or else finish your drink before you hit the loo. Don’t drink from your glass if you left it alone even for a bit.

7. Never ever party alone or with people you don’t know or trust enough. Make sure that you are in a safe space and with trusted people when you party. Don’t go to the loo alone and don’t go home alone. Make sure that someone is with you all the time.

8. Don’t leave your friend alone if he or she is intoxicated. You are also responsible for your friends. It’s not fun to wake up to a hangover and a sobbing or a hurt friend. If your friend is too intoxicated to handle himself or herself, take care of them. Don’t leave them alone and ensure that they get home safe because you’d expect the same from them if the situation was reversed.

9. Keep a trusted person on speed dial. In case things go wrong or if you end up in a messy situation or get into any trouble you may need someone to bail you out. Even if that is not the case and you end up stuck or stranded somewhere you need someone you can trust to stand by you. Having someone on speed dial can save you or your friend(s).

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