Plastic Usage: Here's how you can AVOID using plastic in your daily life

Plastic is harmful not only for our environment, but it's also harmful for our over all well being too. Read below to find out how you can stop using plastic in you daily life by following these steps.
Plastic Usage: Here's how you can AVOID using plastic in your daily lifePlastic Usage: Here's how you can AVOID using plastic in your daily life
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Living in the 21st century has a lot of perks: we have information at our fingertips, we can communicate with someone living on the other side of the world with a single tap of the phone  we can order food from our favourite restaurants and have it hand delivered in no time. But the more comfort we live in, the more pressing question which arises is: Is this good for us ?

In turning our backs from the environment, in living in comfort among our four walls than venturing outside, are we slowly silently killing ourselves? In choosing artificial products like plastic so much so that we barely give it a second thought, are we really living the best we could?


While many technological advancements are almost impossible to let go of, we can reduce the usage of something which has a severe impact on not only our environment but also ourselves and those around us. Here are some quick handy tips which are easy to follow and most importantly will go a long way in proving to have a positive impact for you and your loved ones 


Carry bottled water


Let’s come back to the basics. The water we drink. Science has proved time and again continuous usage of water from plastic can be detrimental to health. A simple way to curb the same is bottle your water in and carry the same with you everywhere. Not only is it much kinder to the environment, you are better off health wise as well. 


Carry a shopping bag


Why pay extra for them ? Why buy  single use plastic which is single handedly ruining our planet? We recommend carrying you own, to simple buy an eco friendly jute or cotton bag likely to last for years and years.


Avoid the straws


Single use straws are clogging our planet. It’s time to make a change and stop using the same. Opt for metal or silicone straws, and if they are not available, do you really need those carbonated sugary drinks anyway?


Buy loose vegetables


Retail outlets often wrap each fruit or vegetable individually. Unnecessary and damaging as they are to the environment, this could lead to long term repercussions for you and your family. We recommend you to go local, buy them farm fresh and support your community along the way!


Use alternative packaging


Opt for plastic free packaging whenever possible. While this might sound like asking for a lot, there is always a wooden or glass solution along the way 


God save and god-speed!

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