Pregnancy during Covid times: TIPS from a real mom for what precautions to take

In a constant struggle to keep your baby safe from the pandemic, these are the precautions you must follow shared by an expecting mother for safe delivery of your child.
Pregnancy during Covid times: TIPS from a real mom for what precautions to take
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The pandemic has hit us hard evidently and more so the expecting mothers who are in a constant battle to keep themselves and their baby safe during these unprecedented times. Pregnancy can be a challenging time for women to go through and if you add a pandemic to it, it gets even scarier. To navigate through a pregnancy during Covid times and to know what precautions to take, you need to ask from a real-time expecting mother who is currently going through this phase herself. 

We spoke to Kartika Kushwaha, who is currently 8 months pregnant and expecting her baby’s arrival in December. This is what she had to say:

1. Avoid interactions with a lot of people

Make sure you are not inviting too many guests at home. Keep only the close ones in your vicinity and limit your interactions with people.

2. Go out in public only when necessary 

The most important is to remain away from people and social gatherings for the safety of your baby and yourself. Step out only when necessary.

3. Make sure you follow all the instructions given to you by your doctor

Trust your doctor and know that he is right. Listen to their advice and follow the health tips given to you by your doctor.

4. If any doubt, call your doctor instead of going to the clinic

Avoid stepping out a much as you can. These days, you directly consult a doctor and book an appointment online. 

5. Don't consume any immunity-boosting vitamins without consulting your doctor

Know the right foods to include in your diet as they could harm your little one. Don’t try to self medicate yourself or do a home treatment to cure any severe symptoms. 

6. Avoid stress

This might go without saying, but it is important to not take stress regarding the current situation. Make sure you are taking all the necessary precaution, don’t overdo it and be patient for your baby’s arrival.  

7. Keep yourself distracted

Get yourself distracted and busy with work as going out is risky. Try to stay indoors and indulge in house activities at your home. Talk to your parents and communicate with your partner.

8. Make sure you remain physically active but do not overdo it

Keeping yourself physically active is important, but make sure you don’t exert your body or drain the energy. Your body needs energy, so try to conserve it.

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