Happy Propose Day 2019 : Different ways to propose to the love of your life

Propose day marking the second day of the Valentine's day week stands for that special day to pop the question. Find out the different ways to do it.
love,People,Propose day 2019,valentines day weekHappy Propose Day 2019 : Different ways to propose to the love of your life
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At times, we find ourselves at a little unease while figuring out a way to express our feelings and emotions towards someone we fancy a lot. Some might take hours and hours to pen down a perfect note for their loved one. Revising those notes hundred times to make it an absolute winner of hearts. But this is not at all a task to accomplish when you face your loved one. The words muddle in your head, the voice drops at the bottom and you are left speechless. Encouragement is much needed in such situations. How can it get possibly any better when there is a DAY to surrender your love emotions and ooze your heart out. Yes, today, i.e. the second day of the Valentine’s Day week is acknowledged as Propose Day. Take this as a great opportunity to pour love on your beloved one by proposing to them in the most beautiful ways.

Picnic getaway:

Sometimes, less is more and when its comes to proposing to the love of your life, it’s always better not to over do it. Take your partner to a quiet park to have a romantic picnic, just the two of you. Chill for a while and and eat some chocolate coated strawberries. You could even use the strawberries to hide her engagement ring. You have to be creative!

(Image source: Instagram)

Rev up the romance by candlelight:

This is the cliched and most popular way to pop the question. By dimming the lights and lighting up the candles, you are setting the stage for something truly special. You can shake things up a little bit by giving it a personal and special touch. Maybe you can cook some dinner, play some soft music and set the mood to ask your lover for their hand in marriage.

Ask the question during a rigged movie break:

This is a unique yet not too cheesy way to propose to the love of your life. Try making a short video and play it during the movie break and ask propose to her right away.


 A still from 500 days of summer (Image source: Instagram)


Use the radio waves:

Every single girl wants to be with a man who goes over the top for them. Show them this by shouting out to the world via radio that you love them and want them for the rest of your life. It might seem a little complicated, but with some proper planning, it will be worth it when all is said and done. Figure out when she listens to the radio regularly and what station of course. Dedicate a special song to her and propose to her either before or after the song is done.

During a helicopter ride:

This is an idea for the adventurous couple and not for the ones faint at heart. Asking your significant other to spend the rest of their life with you while you are in between the clouds is one of the most romantic ways to propose.


A still from Fifty Shades of Grey (Image source: Instagram)

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