Raksha Bandhan 2019: Tie Rakhi as per your brother’s Zodiac Sign

Before you tie a Rakhi on your brother’s wrist check if the color of the thread you use is right for his zodiac sign.
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Your brother’s sign also decides the colors that are best and lucky for him. While you tie him a rakhi it’s a good idea to tie a rakhi of a color that suits his sign and his personality and is lucky for him. While it may not be a sister’s job to protect her brother but this festival celebrates the promise of protection between brother and sister. Every bond and relationship is different as per the zodiac signs and personalities. But the color of one little thread that a sister ties on her brother’s wrist can impact the astrological effect that it has on your brother’s life. Here is a list of colors that suit your brother’s zodiac sign the best.


The planet Mars dominates this sign. The color red suits this sign the best. It also suits the personality of this sign.


This loyal and stubborn sign is dominated by the planet Venus. You should get your Taurean brother a white or a silver-colored rakhi. This is the best for his sign.


This social butterfly is dominated by Mercury. The color green brings positivity and happiness in his life. Get him a green thread this Raksha Bandhan


This homely sign simply wants peace. This sign is associated with the moon. Get your brother a white silk rakhi with pearls.


This sign is a born leader and rules by the sun which provides the light to the world. This sign loves the limelight and a pink or orange-colored rakhi is the best for a Leo brother.


This prim sign is ruled by Mercury. A white or green colored Rakhi brings prosperity to your brother’s life. Buy him a simple rakhi of this color.


This generous and loving sign is associated with Venus. A blue or purple-colored thread would be great for this sign.


This powerful and mysterious sign is ruled by planet Mars. A dark red or maroon colored rakhi is perfect for a Scorpio and helps bring growth and prosperity to their lives.


It’s ruled by Jupiter and this planet is associated with the color yellow. Yellow and beige bring auspiciousness in their lives.


This focused sign is ruled by Saturn. Any thread of blue color or any other dark color would be perfect for his wrist.


Aquarius too is ruled by Saturn and a simple red or blue colored rakhi will be perfect for your brother.


This playful sign is associated with Jupiter and a yellow or white colored rakhi will bring peace and happiness to your brother’s life.

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