Ranbir Kapoor commemorates National Organ Donation Day by choosing to pledge his organs

Updated on Nov 28, 2020 12:26 PM IST  |  640.6K
Ranbir Kapoor
Ranbir Kapoor commemorates National Organ Donation Day by choosing to pledge his organs

To spread awareness about organ donation and to fight the fear in people’s mind about donating organs after death, this day is marked by the National Organ Donation Day.

The main purpose is to motivate people to donate organs after death and to spread awareness about organ donation. Organ donation is donating human organs like kidney, intestines, heart, lungs and pancreas after the donor dies so that they can be transplanted into another person who needs it. 

There are around 500,000 people that die because of the unavailability of finding the organs or awaiting a kidney transplant. Hence, the organ donor can play a significant role in saving people’s lives and helping them recover from a chronic disease.


On this day, the famous Bollywood icon, Ranbir Kapoor has taken a pledge to donate his organs at an event organised by Amar Gandhi Foundation and here is what he to say, “Pledge & donate my organs, I hope that by me doing this it will make a difference to one person or two person lives, and it keeps going forward and it will make a difference, so please do consider pledging your organs.”

In order to motivate people to donate organs, the Amar Gandhi Foundation was established by a few like-minded nephrologists who came along to create awareness about early detection of kidney diseased and about organ donation.


Interestingly, Alia Bhatt too shared her concerns regarding the importance of this day. “It is important to make people aware of the process behind it. I think it is important to come and talk about the health issues and Amar Gandhi Foundation and Organ donation awareness drive. Make people aware of the prospects of their organ donation, alive or post-death,” said Alia Bhatt.

Donating organs should be a mindful way to help save people’s lives and these Bollywood icons have taken a step to support the cause on National Organ Donation Day.

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Anonymous : he's such a wonderful human being.. more love and respect to you man..!!!
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Anonymous : Ranbir has the purest soul. May God Bless you and achieve many more Happiness and Success in the future. Om Om Om
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