Ratatouille: Have a look at the main characters of this film as zodiac signs

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Ratatouille: Have a look at the main characters of this film as zodiac signs

Ratatouille is a popular Disney Pixar film that is based on the life of a rat named Remy. Remy is fond of cooking and wants to be a chef, but since he is a rat, he can’t help but only admire a professional kitchen from afar till he meets Linguini. Linguini is the illegitimate son of famous chef Gusteau. What follows is the story of a rat and an ordinary boy and their journey towards making it big in the food industry.


This film has many interesting and complex characters from Remy and Linguini to Colette and Anton Ego. So we predicted the zodiac signs of the main characters of this film based on their personality traits.




Remy is passionate about cooking. He is gifted when it comes to food. He is determined to beat all odds and make his name in the food industry. He risks his life by trusting Linguini just so he can cook in a professional kitchen and learn from chefs. His commitment, dedication, and hardworking attitude make him similar to the zodiac sign Scorpio.


Alfredo Linguini


Linguini isn’t someone who would turn the world upside down just to make his dreams come true. He has a laidback approach to things. Even when it comes to matters of the heart, he isn’t brave enough to confess his love to Colette till Remy compels him to. The zodiac sign that he is most similar to is Libra.





Colette is a perfectionist. She needs things done on time and in the best possible manner. She is direct, straightforward, and blunt and doesn’t shy away from putting people in their place. The zodiac sign that she is most similar to is Virgo.


Anton Ego


Anton Ego is a famous food critic. He is blunt and rigid and doesn’t budge unless he is convinced of something. When it comes to Gusteau’s being popular again, he doesn’t believe it till he himself visits the restaurants and eats the famous Linguini’s food. The zodiac sign that he most resembles is Aries.



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