Reading Goals of 2022: Top 5 books to steal from Amazon's Book Bazaar

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Reading Goals of 2022: Top 5 books to steal from Amazon's Book Bazaar
Reading Goals of 2022: Top 5 books to steal from Amazon's Book Bazaar

In the hustle of daily life, you are juggling with your thoughts and often look for ways to change your ritualistic motives. In order to seek calmness, you must kickstart your reading journey at the earliest. Books provide solace to your mind and soul. They help you to discover your existential fuel. If you have penned down your new year reading goals, then you shouldn’t miss out on these anticipated reads of 2022. Amazon’s Books Bazaar will aid you to steal worth reading books at exciting prices.

1. Sleep Your Way to Success

Self help books help you to find answers to the long lost questions of life. They uncover your hidden abilities and tend to be an eye opener at times. If you want to peep into yourself and understand the powers bestowed on us then “Sleep Your Way to Success” is a good read. It revolves around your superpower “sleep” and how it helps you to succeed.


Price: Rs. 375

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2. The Maid

The Maid is one of the mystery books that will take you on a thrilling ride. The story revolves around the maid who serves all of her best in a hotel. She finds an infamous guest lying just like a dead person and decides to uncover the truth that revolves around him and the clues that she encounters. 


Price: Rs. 319

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3. Ikigai- The Japanese Secret to Long and Happy Life

Japan’s Okinawa is a place where people live the longest. In order to understand their mantra of life, you need to delve into the Japanese way of living. Get to know the secrets of a long and happy life to find your very own IKIGAI- a reason to jump out of bed each morning. 


Price: Rs. 313

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4. The Psychology of Money

The world is competitive and all you can do is accept it as it is. In the book, you will unlock simple and meaningful lessons of life. It focuses on three important elements of life- greed, wealth and happiness. Money is something that one begins to chase and invest for the best. But is it really worth understanding the nature of money? Get to know the psychology of money as well as of people when it comes to savings and investing.


Price: Rs. 269

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5. The Tales From My Heart

Ruskin Bond’s collection is nothing but ordinary. These ordinary tales indeed put forth extraordinary life lessons. In this book, Ruskin Bond talks about his spectacular wonders of nature, surprising relationships, bonds of animals and people and tales of ghosts. This book is a good read to refresh your mind and calm down the wondrous storm of your mind. 


Price: Rs. 187

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Books are the treasure of life lessons. They inculcate good values by highlighting the wonders of life. Be it a self help or a fiction book, they offer your wit and warmth. Believe us or not! There is no such living element that can be a substitute for books. Head to Amazon’s Book Bazaar and steal your favourites now.


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