REAL difference between stress and depression; find out

Mental health issues have become rapidly common amongst everyone
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Our world is becoming smaller and smaller with every passing day. More than being content and happy, our hearts are filled with competitiveness and morosity. When was the last time you actually enjoyed a cup of tea or coffee in your spare ‘me’ time? Well, the concept of ‘me’ time itself is becoming so alien with mankind just chasing and being on the go. Everything for us, in its truest sense, has become about work. A man who barely sleeps for a few hours in the day is considered as “hardworking” as opposed to someone who wraps up all their work, delivers great quality in its bound time. All of this madness has led to stress.


There’s not a moment of happiness, not an existing social life, not even a time when one is just smiling from the heart. Our brain is constantly on loop and is running in different directions with no rest whatsoever, even when one is sleeping. Stress has become an extremely common mental health issue, one which can be observed in people from all age groups. But more than often people get confused between stress and depression. They start burdening themselves assuming that they are depressed leading to all the more trouble. Well, don't you worry child, we’ve got it all covered for you. Listed below are points of difference between stress and depression.


1. Stress is usually a sense of feeling overwhelmed. This can cause by a sudden pressure because of work or your personal life.


2. Depression is feeling where you are low on a prolonged basis. The trigger could be a personal blow or something at work.  


3. Common signs of stress are, having problems in concentrating on a particular thing, feeling nervous, having troubles while sleeping, getting irritated or losing your temper easily.



4. Common signs of depression are, eating more or extremely less, engulfing oneself with extra negative thoughts, extreme thoughts of ending their life.


5. According to Science, a certain amount of stress is actually healthy as it motivates you to do better. If you experience a bit of stress, it helps you in putting things in perspective and if you are over-stressed then it can leave you distressed and exhausted.


6. Being in a state of depression is extremely unhealthy as the effects can actually double if it isn't acted upon in time. Depression causes a change in eating habits, sleeping pattern, it shrinks your appetite, fills you up with negativity, leaves you de-motivated and draws your interest from everything.


7. Some effective ways to relieve stress are to practise yoga or any form of exercise, eat healthy, pamper yourself with spa treatments, go for a trip with your friends, reconnect with your best friends and confide in them.



8. Ways to tackle depression is to first and foremost accept that you’re suffering through it and that you will get past it. Confide in your closest people. Seek help, there is absolutely no harm in doing so. Try being positive, meditate more.


Mental health wellness is as important as any other health issue. Do not take it lightly and seek help or speak to someone, come what may. Cut some slack for yourself and breathe. Realise, that in the end its only you who can really save yourself from running into your own doom. Love yourself because you will always be your own best friend.


why was deepika deppressed? because rk won't go back to her? thats called obsession not depression!

Who told you she was depressed because of that? It's absurd AND rude to judge other people's life. No one knows what is going on in someone else's life. We don't even know are family members well and you are here.. Judging someone you've never even met. And For your kind information there is clinical depression too.. That does not have any reason but chemical imbalance in brain.

The common factor between Stress and Depression seems to be Ranbir

The common factor between Stress and Depression seems to be Ranbir

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