Republic Day 2021: INTERESTING and lesser known facts about this day

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Republic Day 2021: INTERESTING and lesser known facts about this day
Republic Day 2021: INTERESTING and lesser known facts about this day

Republic Day is a day when every Indian’s heart is filled with patriotism and pride for their country. It is a day when the Government of India Act (1935) was replaced by the Constitution of India. The national flag is hoisted on this day and people watch the famous Republic Day parade.

This day holds a lot of significance for every Indian and there are many lesser-known and interesting facts about this day. So on the 72nd Republic Day, have a look at some of these fascinating and thought-provoking facts. 


The Constitution of India is the longest in the whole wide world. It consists of 448 articles. To draft the Constitution, Dr B R Ambedkar took 2 years and 11 months and 18 days.

Dr Rajendra Prasad took oath in the Durbar Hall of the government house as India’s first President. The national flag was hoisted in the Irwin Stadium on 26 Jan 1950. 

During Beating the Retreat, ‘Abide by Me’ is the song that has been played to mark the end of the ceremony till last year. It was Mahatma Gandhi’s favourite song.


There are only 2 original handwritten copies of the Constitution, one is written in Hindi and the other in English. It has been preserved in helium-filled cases in the Parliament of India.

Republic Day celebrations last for three days. ‘Beating the Retreat’ is held at the end of the third day on 29th January indicating the end of Republic Day celebrations.

The custom of offering the gallantry awards to children was started by the Government of India in 1957.

The Indonesian President Sukarno was the first Guest of Honour in India for the Republic Day's celebration in 1950.

Copies of the handwritten Constitution of Indian were signed by 308 Assembly members on January 24, 1950.


The very first Chief Guest to attend the Rajpath Parade in 1955 was the first Governor-General of Pakistan, Malik Ghulam Mohammed.

Dr Rajendra Prasad was sworn in as the first President of India on January 26, 1950, at 10:24 AM.

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