Is rolling your clothes a more efficient way to pack your clothes?

When you have to pack efficiently you need to know which is better and the age-old rolling versus folding debate comes to your rescue

We all need to pack our bags once in while for a trip. Packing is a huge task and we need to pick out our clothes and see what we need and which pants pair well with which top. All of that is an essential part of packing we cannot run away from. Everyone has different ways of packing their clothes. Some people just don’t like the effort and throw their clothes into their bags and then there are people who just need a perfectly organized suitcase. There are people who use packing cubes and there are people who carefully fold their clothes and arrange them in the bags. Then, there are those who carefully roll their clothes and arrange them in the suitcase. To each, their own but most of us prefer folding.

When we think about packing our instant though is carefully folded clothes arranged in a suitcase. Even our cupboards have our clothes folded and stacked one on top of another. But the real question is that, is it really the most efficient way of packing clothes? Is it the best way of packing up all of the clothes? You wouldn’t know unless you try. There has been a huge debate on whether rolling is a better way of packing than simply folding clothes. Folding comes to us naturally but rolling takes a lot of time. If done right, rolling can help us pack our clothes a little more efficiently. You cannot just roll your clothes up into a ball and throw it in your suitcase and expect a good result. You have to take some time and carefully roll your clothes up in cylindrical shape and carefully arrange them in your suitcase.

Rolling can be a big advantage when you want to pack more clothes and avoid wrinkle. Though these days, we mostly don’t own clothes that get wrinkled so easily if at all you’re traveling for work and want your shirts to remain crisp and your pants wrinkle-free. This may be a great way to do it. Rolling means more space in your bag for more clothes and extra items which also means you may only have to carry one bag instead of that extra bag of shoes and toiletries. Rolling also ensures that your bag is arranged such that spotting your clothes can be much easier. The only thing that can be a problem is tuxedos and suits. They have thicker fabric and that fabric is more prone to creases. If you’re carrying thick jackets and sweaters, rolling will end up taking more space. All in all rolling is a great way to pack but it cannot be the only efficient way to pack.

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