From Running Man to Weekly Idol: 5 South Korean variety shows that are totally addicting

Updated on May 05, 2020 01:24 PM IST  |  3.4M
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From Running Man to Weekly Idol: 5 South Korean variety shows that are totally addicting

Nothing beats a good show after a long hectic day. It is a universal way to sit back and relax at the end of the day. And the booming South Korean entertainment industry has a lot to offer in that category. There are K-dramas, incredible movies and variety shows that will keep you entertained to the core. If you’re someone who loves fun and entertaining shows, you should start watching some variety shows.

Variety shows are shows made up of a variety of acts including musical appearances, sketch comedy, etc. From someone who loves to watch culinary shows to someone who loves entertaining activities, there is a pick for everyone. There are plenty of Korean variety shows, but we picked a few that can get you started on the must-watch path. This list only includes the variety shows that are currently airing.

Here are 5 South Korean variety shows to suit every taste.

Knowing Bros/ Ask us Anything  

Started in 2015, this show is still loved by many. Set in a high school format, each episode features guests for the entertainment industry and engages in different fun segments to make you laugh.

Running Man

This is one of the most popular Korean variety show and it is very entertaining as well. The show features Korean celebrities who take us on a fun ride with every episode. They perform some crazy and funny missions in the show.

Weekly Idol

If you love K-pop, then this is the show for you! Weekly Idol allows the K-pop idols to showcase their charms and talent. You can learn a lot about your favourite K-pop artists on this show.

Home Alone/ I Live Alone

A diverse group of hosts with unique personalities come together to give you a glimpse into the way celebrities enjoy their daily activities in their homes. The hosts' commentary on these celebrities is the highlight of the show.

The Return of Superman

This the most adorable show on the list. It is about celebrity dads left at home to take care of the kids. The father-kid interactions are extremely cute and you feel connected to this show. So, if you like kids, give this one a watch!  

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