Salman Khan discloses the 5 mistakes we should avoid in the gym

In an interview with Upasana Kamineni Konidela, Salman Khan gave some of the best tips that we should follow to avoid mistakes in the gym. Read on to know more.
People,salman khanSalman Khan discloses the 5 mistakes we should avoid in the gym
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Salman Khan, we all know, is one of the fittest actors. Fans, till date, wait for his one shirtless picture in his movies which shows his chiselled body and rock hard abs. During an interview with Upasana Kamineni Konidela, Salman Khan talked in length on the topic of fitness, health and dos and don'ts in the gym. 

He also revealed how apart from gymming, one can also indulge in Pilates and sports. He also said that 70-80% focus should be on the food we eat as the same will get you in shape even if you do less exercise. Speaking of diet, he eats homemade food and makes sure to include all macro-nutrients such as carbs and proteins.

He revealed how he is not really blessed with a high metabolic rate, so he burns the calories by working out before breakfast and walking around for a good time after dinner.

One of the best tips the Tiger Zinda Hai actor gave was on gym mistakes that we often commit. Read on to know his tips on the same.

1. Warm up

Talking about the mistakes that we must avoid, he started off his answer with warm up. And indeed, he is right, as cramps and muscle tears can be easily avoided if one follows the same. 

2. Concentrate on your form

Another vital but common mistake we all mostly do is not focusing on the form while doing exercises, especially during weight training. Correct forms can lead you to better results and will also help you to avoid injury.

3. Don't show off

If you are unable to lift weights after a certain limit then it is fine but people sometimes go overboard and the same can lead to injuries.

4. Don't let your trainers push too much

Many times we fail to understand that our body can only take a certain amount of pressure and trainers may push you hard but you should know where to draw the line.

5. Cool down and stretching

Just like a warmup, one should not forget doing the cool down exercises and stretching as the same helps to bring back heart rates and body temperature at a natural rate. 

Watch the whole interview right below.


I liked the bit about ignoring your trainer lol. I don’t like being made to feel guilty if I can’t go so far. Probably a better idea to change routine.

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