Sex and the City will forever be a style guide; here's why

These ladies from Sex and the city are definitely going to give you major outfit goals
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Sex and the City movies has made its own fashion statement with all the glamorous outfits worn by all the stunning lead actress. They not only took the fashion game to another level but created a new path for street style clothing.


Carrie Bradshaw’s dressing has a very electric style of dressing, the look which was famous worldwide was her ballerina skirt/dress she wore in the movies and series. Charlotte rocked the shades of pink in her most of her outfits. Miranda was a classy chick with classy outfits which suited her brilliantly. She was mostly seen in her formal outfits. The style statement made by her was a haircut, the cropped hair which was love. The very bold Samantha who was a party animal had jaw-dropping outfits and also her pant suits just was a crazy trend followed all over.



Carrie Bradshaw

If you like to dress up like Carrie, then you are a very unexpected person when it comes to fashion. Carrie loves to mismatch and wear her outfits and that works real good for her. Always a lot of embellishments are seen in her outfits. Teaming up a cool graphic t-shirt with a flounce skirt. If you love wearing colourful clothes and mismatching them you gotta steal few pieces from Carrie's wardrobe.



Charlotte is a classic lover. She is very modest and she still believes in those old fashioned silhouettes that enhance her figure. If you like to dress up like her, fit of the dress is priority for you. A well stitched garment matters a lot when it comes to fashion.



Miranda is a total workaholic if you relate to her you can definitely pick her sense of fashion. She loves being suited up by keeping in mind all the fashion trends and colour schemes. Ladies who love to keep up with fashion trends in their busy life can definitely steal ideas from Miranda’s wardrobe.



If you are a true party girl at heart you will definitely love Samantha’s style. If you are bold enough to handle the skin-baring outfits you are good to go girl. You can accessorize it with chunky jewelry. You can also rock your office wear with sexy bodycon dresses to enhance your curves.

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I love these 4 characters and the show!! I adored Charlotte in the Audrey hepburn look and Carrie just smashed it with her quirky ness. I haven’t seen veere di wedding yet but can’t help but wonder (!) are the four girls in the movie as follows: Kareena- Carrie, Swara- Samatha, Sonam - Charlotte, Shika- Miranda. Is this the case??

The clothes they wore back then are in fashion now in India

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