Social Anxiety Disorder: 5 tips to fight social anxiety

A lot of people suffer in silence with this type of anxiety called social anxiety. It is as dangerous as a normal anxiety disorder. So, how to overcome social anxiety?
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Not a lot of people realize or open about having social anxiety. It is much more than feeling shy or not wanting to enter in a room full of people. Well, how to discover your social anxiety and deal with it?

What is Social Anxiety Disorder?

People suffering with Social Anxiety Disorder have a hard time maintaining relationships, making friends, finding work, building a career or talking to new people. They face hurdles even getting through the daily aspects of life. Victims of social anxiety disorder experience fear, discomfort and self-consciousness in situations which might be completely normal for other people.

How to overcome Social Anxiety Disorder?

It is hard to get out of this but there’s always a solution to it. Once you’re out of this, you will feel happier and better. Make efforts to fight your problem.

Find Social Situations

Look for opportunities to interact in social events. Attend as many social gatherings you can. Challenge yourself and overcome your fears. Join classes or make plans with your friends more often. This will help you interact with people more, talk more and overcome your anxiety.

Social Gatherings

Act Confidently

One of the biggest symptoms of social anxiety is feeling shy. Act more confidently and people will react positively. You will feel terrifying in the start, but eventually it’s going to be the best for you. Try to be socially confident and love yourself.

Practice Social Skills

Indulge yourself in social skills like – complimenting people, make eye contacts, remember names and learn how to make introductions. Improve your public speaking skills. Try and engage as much as you can.

Share your experiences

You’re your best judge. Nobody is going to look out for you and solve your problem. You need to take time out for yourself, share your story and make yourself comfortable. Sharing your experiences will help you get recommendations and people around you could help you feel better.


Get Help

It is estimated that one-third of those suffering from social anxiety take 10 years or more to speak to a professional or open up about their problem. Remember, the sooner you talk about it, the faster your problem will be solved.

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