This social experiment is too real and we are guilty as charged

This International Hug Day, Pond's Cold Cream conducted a social experiment where they asked millennials to answer a simple question and the results will surprise you outright.
People,hug day,ponds cold cream,ponds ki jhappiThis social experiment is too real and we are guilty as charged
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Have we been too busy chasing BuzzFeed’s thirty things before thirty that we stopped looking for happiness in the simpler and smaller things in life? Things that have been right next to us all these years. They say that life is made of sweet nothings. But are we taking these sweet nothings called as life for granted? If we are, then we might be missing out on a lot.

This International Hug Day, a social experiment conducted by the iconic skincare brand Pond's Cold Cream have some prominent questions about us --  the generation of emojis and Instagram goals. In this heart warming yet thought-provoking video, Pond's asked a few millennials a very simple question. But you might be a little surprised by the result and to be entirely honest, maybe equally guilty because we are! Watch the full video here:



This video is proof that we as a generation are collectively guilty of overlooking something as ordinary as a hug; an ordinary hug that can bring extraordinary happiness to the people we love. We forgot to appreciate the people who love and care for us and who have been right next to us all this time. 

But it is never too late, let’s start appreciating the little things that life is made of. Things that seem ordinary but are a huge part of our lives. Things like the warmth of a hug, or the care and nourishment in that charming little white and blue jar of Pond's Cold Cream. Your go-to winter skincare expert that has been just right next to you for years. Whether it is by protecting your skin in the harsh and dry winters or saving you from the harsh summer sun with a layer of gentle care and nourishment. Passed down from one generation to another, with love and care, Pond's Colds Cream is just like a comforting hug from our loved ones, #PondsKiJhappi is exactly like a comforting jhappi in a jar that we often forget to acknowledge.

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