Is Social Stress harmful for you? Here’s what causes social stress and how to cope up with it

Social Stress is equally important than all other kinds of stress. A lot of individuals deal with social stress today and refuse to open about it.
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Social stress can make your brain vulnerable to depression too. Coping up with social stress is very important as it not only affects your mental health but also your overall physical health. So, what exactly is social stress? Social stress is stress that comes from relationships with people and a person’s social environment. It includes stress from friendship groups, work groups and other social groups.


Social stress develops due to an individual’s social environment and the way he interacts with other people. Here are some common causes of social stress.


Failure is the most common cause of social stress. It reduces self-esteem and social standing which is important to all of us. Failure leads to higher levels of social stress because it an important part of our identity.



Social rejections from people you talk to or a breakup with your loved one also leads to social stress.


Being dishonored in any way or being disrespected by a fellow colleague, friend or family causes social stress.


Bullying is a major cause of social stress. Teasing an individual or cyber bullying can make him/her socially stressed.


Impressing others

Today, everyone feels a need to impress people around them. We constantly want to keep people around us happy and not ourselves. The pressure of impressing others causes social stress.

Lack of Social Support

If an individual feels he/she is being picked or singled out by their social surrounding, it increases the levels of social stress.

Here are some common causes of social stress. The cause of stress depends and varies from individual to individual. Everyone has a different social environment.


  • Start your day with yoga or meditation. This will relax your mind and give a good start to your day.
  • Listen or read some good motivational talks on social pressure.
  • Listen to advice from people.


  • Appreciate your strengths and weakness. Believe in yourself.
  • Talk to everyone with respect. If you show it, you will get it in return.
  • Don’t compare yourself to other people. Your competition is you and work hard to make yourself a better version every day.
  • Adjust with people around you. Accept everyone’s flaws.


  • Learn the art of dealing with people. We are humans and we need to interact with people around us.
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