Solar Eclipse 2021: Know the date, timing and duration of the last Surya Grahan of the year

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Solar eclipse details
Solar Eclipse 2021: Know the date, timing and duration of the last Surya Grahan of the year

As the year comes to an end, the world is all set to see the last total solar eclipse of 2021 on December 4. The eclipse is expected to last for 4 hours and 8 minutes. The eclipse will be prominently visible from South America, Australia, South Africa, and in countries in the Southern Atlantic.

For those wondering, what is the process and why does it happen, the answer lies in our science textbooks. A solar eclipse happens when the moon moves between the sun and the earth, thereby casting a shadow on the earth as the moon partially or fully blocks the sun’s light. When the sun, moon, and earth are in a direct line, a total solar eclipse is formed.

Solar eclipse


According to NASA, the solar eclipse will begin as a partial solar eclipse on December 4 at 5:29 am Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The total solar eclipse will begin at 7:00 am (UTC) and end at 9:37 am (UTC).


Astrologists say that the last total eclipse of the year is special because December 4 is also observed as Shani Amavasya. This coincidence makes astrologers believe that it’s an extremely special day.

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Impact on zodiac signs

Since the eclipse affects all zodiac signs, astrologers suggest that everyone should take to charity and do good deeds on the day. Since the eclipse coincides with Shani Amavasya, one can also please both Shani Dev and Lord Surya by offering them food.  If the two Gods are happy, the day will turn out to be auspicious, as per Hindu mythology.

All sorrows and worries, astrologers say, are expected to wash away if the rituals are performed in the right manner and both the Gods are pleased.

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