Sridevi to Katrina Kaif: 10 Celebrities who changed their names before they became famous

For celebrities and A-listers, their name is everything. Their entire life revolves around it and it has created an identity for them. Take a look at the top celebirities who changed their names before they became famous.
Sridevi to Katrina Kaif: Celebrities who changed their names before they became famous Sridevi to Katrina Kaif: Celebrities who changed their names before they became famous
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Many people believe that names have basically nothing to do with the kind of person you are. But for famous people like celebrities and A-listers, their names are everything. It is their identity, their presence and it holds the most significant meaning as they are known by their stage name. 

Many of these actors decided to change their name before they actually became famous. Here are the top 10 Bollywood celebrities who did so. 

Salman Khan

The 'Bhai' of Bollywood is everybody's favourite actor and has made  amark across the film industry globally. His birth name was a longer version of his current name. He changed Absul Rashid Salim Salman Khan to just Salman Khan and saw instant success!


Worshipped and loved by millions across the globe, this humble and down to earth actor is actually a Maratha! Yes, he was actually named Shivaji Rao Gaekwad and later changed it to Rajnikant and is now known by this name across the globe. 

Akshay Kumar

There was a lot of controversy surrounding the fact that Akki changed his name after coming to India from Canada. His orginal name was Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia and he used part of it to call his home production Hari Om Entertainment. 


She was born in South India with the name Sri Amma Yanger Ayyapan and changed it up to Sridevi many years later once she realised her original name was too long and complicated. Sridevi worked well for her and she saw success in film industries all across India. 

Tiger Shroff

Just like his father Jackie Shroff, Tiger too changed his name once he grew up. His birth name was Jai Hemant Shroff but he changed it to tiger since it sounds cooler! His father Jakie too, changed his name from Jai Kishan Kakubhai since it sounded cooler as well!

Preity Zinta

Like most Punjabis, Preeti Zinta was given a longer name that is appropriate for both guys and girls. Preetam Singh Zinta changed her name to Preity and and we are sure she is pretty glad she did so!


Dharmendra was one of the most popular yesteryear actors who saw a lot of fame and prosperity in his days. His original name though, wasn't Dharmendra but Dharam Singh Deol instead. Hence, his children Abhay, Sunny, Bobby and Esha have Deol as their last names!

Katrina Kaif

When she made her debut in Bollywood Katrina started off with the name Katrina Turquotte. She later changed she last name to Kaif so her Indian audience and fans could pronounce it and understand it better. 

Shilpa Shetty

Yes, the hot actress who is known for her dedication to Yoga, wasn't born as Shilpa. Her birth name was Ashwini Shetty but her mother changed to Shilpa after her astrologer told her that this name would being her more fame and luck. And it did! 


This other yesteryear actress wasn't born with this sassy name! Instead, her original name was Bhanurekha Ganeshan! Seems like it was too long for her and she just cut it short. Look how it worked out for her! 


Did you know that all these actors had changed their names? Which of them surprised you the most? Comment below and let us know. 

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Lol pls check your facts Akshay was never living in Canada before he came to India he was in Bangkok... Pls don't bluff because of the Canadian citizen row he is being pulled into. He got his honorary canadian citizenship few years back. This article has so many wrong info... Don't want to repeat the ones posted by others above

Katrina first picked a last name Kaizad, but Jackie Shroff's wife suggested she change it when she produced the movie Boom. Mohammed Kaif was the popular cricketer at that time , and she chose his last name. Hence Katrina Kaif.

Her mom's last name was toquotte & her dad's Kaif so at first she chose her mom's last name & when the producer of BOOM suggested her to take a surname which will be easier for everyone to pronounce. Only then she thought that it's time to make her dad proud, so she changed her name to The BEST actor & also The MOST beautiful KATRINA KAIF.

I think its was her father' last name .

Abhay Deol is not Dharmendra’s son!

Preetam Singh for Preity Zinta is so false. That is the nickname given to Preity by Bobby Deol and she has said it so many times in her interviews. Also she is not punjabi again something she said it in her interviews on how people mistake her for being punjabi cuz of the nickname thinking its her real name. Seriously for F sake check your facts before posting. PV post this to make it right.

Lol! Katrina's nepo sister also is going to be introduced with that fake surname.

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