Sunday Reads: 5 Books to read based on fatherhood and parenting

Updated on Jun 21, 2021 02:28 PM IST  |  196.4K
father and son
Sunday Reads: 5 Books to read based on fatherhood

A child has a different bond and connection with each parent. Mothers are more likely to develop an emotional bond while fathers tend to be more on the protective side, creating a shield around their child. This could also lead to their children becoming less communicative with their father as they could be scared of opening up or revealing too much.

Fathers play a very descriptive role and hold much importance in a child’s life. We always say that for a child to have a fatherly figure is more important than a mother’s role, this could be debatable. Men who become father, go through several changes as and when they get older along with their child. So, it’s not just the child who is going through changes and doesn’t have a clue as to what to do, but it’s the same story with fathers too. Sometimes, they are as clueless as a child. So, here are 5 books to read on fatherhood.


Dad is Fat
By Jim Gaffigan

This is a hilarious take on fatherhood as comedian Gaffigan narrates stories on parenthood living in a New York City apartment with five kids. This book delves into the joys of sorrows of fatherhood. 

Man Vs. Child
By Doug Moe

Another relatable book for all the dads, it is the answer to all dad related queries and thanks to Doug Moe’s experience in comedy, you’ll find humour and sarcasm in some parts of the book. 

Lessons for Dylan
By Joel Siegel

For all the new dads or dads to be, it is the book to get an insight into parenting, life lessons, fatherhood and more. The book comprises stories after the birth of Siegel’s first child and as Siegel finds out that he has colon cancer, he wants to leave all these stories behind in case he’s not around to look after his son.


Twenty Days with Julian & Little Bunny
By Nathaniel Hawthorne

A touching narrative that focuses on the companionship of a father who takes care of his young son while his wife and daughters are away vising relatives. 

From Dude to Dad
By Chris Pegula

This book gives you all the essential information you need to know as an expecting father from pregnancy, birthing to parenthood. You can discover how to be a caring and loving partner to your wife while learning what all she is going through each trimester and how you can be the best dad to your child.

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