Sunday Reads: 6 Books you must read for mental health and wellbeing

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6 Books to read for mental health and wellbeing

Sunday is without a doubt the most favourite day of the week for a lot of us. We get one day out of an entire week to take some time out and look after ourselves. Sundays are all about relaxing, lounging around in your jammies, lazying on the couch and taking care of your mind, body, skin and health. 

Since the pandemic, a lot of people have been going through mental health issues and they are finding everything a bit overwhelming and difficult to cope with. In such trying times, it is best to look out for others and be self willed to go through tough times and come out stronger. 

So, here are 6 books to read if you’re looking to nurture your mind and wellbeing.

This Too Shall Pass

By Julia Samuel

A leading therapist shares patient stories and their unique approach to tackling obstacles and hardship. She used medical research and analysis to explain how mental health is different for every person yet the priority remains to have a positive outlook. 

Own Your Self

By Kelly Brogan

In this book, you will learn about different alternatives to take care of medical health disorders and how the issues that one faces during a crisis in terms of mental health don’t always need to be fixed but to be processed, accepted and then healed without any use of medication. 

Maybe You Should Talk To Someone

By Lori Gottlieb

This book is a memoir where Gottlieb shares her own personal and professional life when after an incident she was left dismantled and dazed. Her book shares a perspective of to be a therapist and the patient both. The book encourages you to open up to someone and reach out to people.

Be Calm

By Jill P Weber

A self help book that provides effective tips and techniques to help stop anxiety. Clinical psychologist, Jill Weber shares his wisdom in this book into three sections, feelings, behaviours and thoughts. Each section provides an in depth explanation of the symptoms, causes and techniques to control it in order to find inner peace.

Little Panic

By Amanda Stern

This book is a funny memoir by writer and poet Amanda Stern who shares what it feels like to be living with a panic disorder. If you are someone who has been struggling with panic and anxiety disorder then this book is for you. 

How To Build A Healthy Brain

By Kimberly Wilson

Psychologist Kimberly Wilson shares plenty of practical ideas and useful advice to look after your mental health and take care of it. It lays emphasis on the importance of sleep and understanding emotions.


These books are not an alternative to seeking professional help. These books are a self help guide including useful tips based on research and deep understanding by talented and skilful authors.

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