Sunday Reads: Kareena Kapoor Khan's pregnancy bible is a must read for all moms to be

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kareena kapoor khan
Sunday Reads: Kareena Kapoor Khan's pregnancy bible is a must read for all moms to be

In this week’s Sunday reads edition, we are here to talk about Kareena Kapoor Khan’s pregnancy bible: the ultimate manual for moms to be.

If there is a book that is as comforting and refreshing about pregnancy and becoming a mother then it is this one. Kareena Kapoor Khan’s pregnancy bible is literally the book every mother to be should include in her reading list. 

Kareena Kapoor Khan had her second child earlier this year with her husband Saif Ali Khan. Throughout her second time experience of pregnancy, she got candid and spoke of her challenges in a refreshing way that one could easily comprehend in this book. She gave away some tips on staying fit and healthy for all expecting mothers. She spoke of prenatal yoga, the benefits of homemade food and as a celebrity mother, inspiring all the women who are expecting to fit.

The book is divided into four parts that cover extensive topics on all three trimesters, labour, childbirth, what comes immediately after, nursery planning and lastly, nutrition, fitness and self-care.

As Kareena is always passionate about whatever she does, it goes without saying that she wrote this book with an equal amount of passion. Through this book, she wanted to convey that things were just as normal or difficult as they would be for any other woman and that being pregnant can be scary yet amazing and one of the best feelings in the world. 

Through this book, you can take helpful tips and gain useful information about your trimesters, breastfeeding woes, nutrition, your pregnancy shopping guide and shopping list for your baby and how not to overdo it. 

Kareena also took to social media and shared the launch of her book in an Instagram post. She went on to say, “I can’t believe that I actually agreed to write this book… but here it is.”

She further added, “We all have our own unique experiences as expectant mothers, but there are some similarities and with this book, I’m sharing my experiences and learnings, and hope that in some way this will help you on your journey towards motherhood.

Carrying both my babies has been the most special time in my life, and I am excited to share the moments and memories with you.”

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Anonymous : Looking forward to reading your book Kareena. You’re refreshingly different and unique from any other in your industry. Willingness and truth to let’s us see your natural face w/o cover of makeup, your bloated pregnant body and face and your struggles to get back in shape, how you raise your lovely children, the conviction to be truthful about your love and follow of your love
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