Tarot Cards VS Astrology: What is the difference between the two?

Jeevika Sharma, Tarot Card Reader and Spiritual Healer on how tarot cards work and what is the difference between Tarot card reading and horoscope/astrology reading.

Updated on Jul 12, 2020 01:38 PM IST  |  9.4M
Tarot Cards VS Astrology: What is the difference between the two?
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Many of us believe and rely on tarot cards or astrology or both to learn vital insights of present and potential future situations. In times of crisis, dilemma and concern and to know what lies ahead, the art of tarot and astrology can provide people with some comfort and important information. One should know that even though both forms of fortune-telling are quite different in terms of tools and outcome, the readers rely on intuitions.

Speaking of Tarot, it is one of the oldest forms of psychic reading, and apparently, it started in the 14th century. If you go to a Tarot card reader, you will get a personalised and specific answer to the question you ask. Thus, many people consider it more accurate than astrology, which gives a more generalised personality profile. In astrology, there is mostly a scientific and mathematical approach and the reader will study charts of stars and planet to predict future events and behaviour of people as per their zodiac signs.

Astrology aka horoscope reading is more popular. You must have seen the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly among others featuring in magazines and online blogs. However, it are mostly general in nature. There are 12 star signs also known as zodiac signs. There are different types of astrology as well: Natal Astrology, Mundane Astrology and Interrogatory Astrology. Aside from Western astrology, Hindu Astrology and Chinese astrology are also very prevalent. 

We asked Jeevika Sharma, Tarot Card Reader and Spiritual Healer to explain how Tarot cards work and what is the difference between Tarot card reading and Astrology.

How do tarot cards work?

She said, "There are about 78 cards composing the deck with a symbolic image on each card. The images on the deck are divided into three groups- Positive image cards, negative image cards and “maybe” cards. You need to make sure that you shuffle the deck well while infusing the cards with your own energy. This is said to activate the cards for accurate predictions. When the person for whom you are spreading the cards gives you the questions, you need to meditate with cards in hand and think about the name of the concerned person and their questions."

"This is done to make the session completely restricted to the person concerned and the people connected to them. After meditating you spread the deck and begin picking cards to find the answers. You get answers by interpreting the images on the cards and the interpretation differs depending upon the question and the nature of the question. Acceptance is a big part of the process. You can know form cards when the person is either lying, hiding something or is lacking seriousness."

What is the difference between tarot cards and horoscope?

She stated, "If we have to talk about the difference between the two, then we need to trace back to their origin. Tarot cards have a western origin and though astrology, in some accounts is said to have a western origin, but even the astrology practised in the west has its origin in Vedic astrology found in India."

"Tarot cards have a very individualistic approach in terms of predictions, whereas astrology provides more generic predictions. Predictions from astrology can be applicable to a lot of people at once. You can get into deep intricate details about any topic you are interested in Tarot while with astrology that is not possible. That is not to say that you cannot get a detailed prediction, you can get a detailed prediction through astrology but that involves heavy calculations of your birth chart. It is unfortunate that in modern times hardly any astrologer goes into heavy details to derive an accurate prediction."

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Thank you for helping me understand the difference between tarot and astrology! :)