Taurus, Leo, Virgo and Sagittarius: These 4 zodiac signs love jewellery

Updated on Aug 01, 2021 06:40 PM IST  |  146.7K
Taurus, Leo, Virgo and Sagittarius: These 4 zodiac signs love jewellery

Some people like to keep things plain and simple. They like minimal stuff, be it clothes, makeup or accessories. On the other hand, there are some people who like keeping things bold, loud and fancy. They never shy away from making a statement and have a taste that is extravagant and lavish. 


According to astrology, there are 4 zodiac signs who adore everything that is blingy, especially jewellery. These zodiac signs absolutely love jewellery and cannot imagine living without it. They can simply never stop themselves from buying different jewellery items, be it bracelets, earrings or necklaces. So have a look at those 4 zodiac signs below. 





Taureans love all things expensive and chic. For them, all that glitters is definitely gold! They are a huge fan of jewellery that is elegant looking and has a sophisticated vibe to it. They like jewellery items that are classy and stylish. 




Leos love attention. They like being in the spotlight. To attract people’s attention and to catch their eye, Leos love wearing jewellery that’s loud and blingy. They like jewellery because they can easily make an impact with it and make a statement. 





For perfectionist Virgos, dressing up is all about looking presentable, pretty and beautiful. Thus, accessorising the outfit with the right kind of jewellery is very important to them. They like jewellery that is chic and trendy. 




Contrary to popular opinion, Sagittarians do like dressing up. They like spending hours carefully matching every aspect of their outfit. When it comes to jewellery, they like no-fuss pieces that are classic and never go out of style.


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