Taurus, Leo, Virgo: The emotion you don't know how to express based on your zodiac sign

While some might have trouble crying, others have difficulty in expressing love or hate. This is the emotion you don't know how to express, based on your zodiac sign.
Taurus, Leo, Virgo: The emotion you don't know how to express based on your zodiac signTaurus, Leo, Virgo: The emotion you don't know how to express based on your zodiac sign
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Emotions are what drive our deepest passions They are the reason we protect each other, feel for each other and possibly even cloud our judgement. But they can also be a major problem when you don't know how to express what you're feeling. 
For certain people, expressing what they feel is not easy. While some might be able to eventually get themselves to do it, for others it is almost impossible. Here is the emotion you have the most trouble expressing, based on your zodiac sign. 


You pretend to act all confident and cool as a cucumber all the time even though it is not the case. Many times, you are so scared but you don't know how to express it. Instead, you channel it in different ways like shouting, getting angry, etc. but you will not reveal that you are actually scared. 


You internalise a lot of things and your desire is just one of them. You are an excellent communicator and have a great way of explaining and expressing everything except what you desire. You don't know how to channelise this emotion and usually end up not expressing it all. When things don't work out in your favour because of this, you end up blaming it on fate. 


You are two people at once so it only makes sense that you have a lot of feelings and emotions. But one things you cannot express is shame. You end up doing things that make you feel shameful, but you just cover it up well. 


You are an extremely emotional and vulnerable person. People come to you with their problems and ideas because you empathise with and understand them. While you are excellent at expressing your emotions, the one emotion you are terrible at, is anger because you end up breaking down when you are angry, making you more vulnerable. 


You have a lot of internalised feelings, Leo, and are great at expressing them. But the one thing that you can't seem to express is jealousy. It always seems to turn into anger and rage. 


You always seem to know what do say and do, no matter what an have put that pressure on yourself, not allowing yourself to feel other emotions like confusion, which you often feel, but don't allow yourself to. 


You are excellent at expressing yourself. You are extremely vocal about anything bothering you. But the one emotion you just can't seem to express is your annoyance. When you do express it, it ends up coming across as anger. 


You are an incredibly kind and loving person. But when it comes to expressing love to somebody, you back away because you just don't understand how to do it. 


You are extremely content with all the things happening in your life. There is nothing making you sad and even when everything is smooth and going your way, why do you have a problem with expressing the happiness you feel?


You are an extremely calm and composed person. You always seem to have your feelings under control and don't like being too loud and brash. Which explains why you have trouble expressing your excitement towards anything at all!


As a person, you try to be extremely understanding towards every person's problem and situation. But you have learnt the hard way that not everybody will be as understanding as you are. This is what has led you to not express disappointment, since you don't have expectations from people anymore. 


You are an inherently happy and satisfied person but there are times when you feel too sad that you can't explain. Because you have put up an exterior that you are happy all the time, you don't want to cause worry in people when you are sad. It has become a habit and now you just find it difficult to express sadness because you think nobody will understand. 

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